WWE: Keith Lee shows off awesome new look following shock release

Keith Lee has a new look

Now that Keith Lee has been released by WWE, the former NXT Champion is embracing his grey hair.

Keith Lee was perhaps the most shocking WWE release since Bray Wyatt in July, being let go by WWE in early November.

It always seemed like WWE and Vince McMahon thought Keith Lee could have been something, but the company never seemed to fully push him, and always tried to change aspects of his character.

Now that he is out of WWE and is preparing for life not working for Vince McMahon, Lee is embracing parts of himself that he's had to hide away from for the last few years.

In a new Twitter post, Keith Lee has shown off his new look, opting to keep his hair grey rather than dying it black, as he has been doing for the last few years.

Lee explained that his hair started to go grey/white when he was 16-years-old, noting that he actually likes how it looks, and wishes all his hair would go that colour.

He went on to explain that many people "don't understand science", and only associate having grey hair with being old, which is perhaps why he has dyed his hair black while he's been wrestling.

In another tweet, Lee explained that he thinks the cause of his hair going grey at such a young age is genetic, noting that his mother had a full head of grey hair when she was just 6-years-old.

Interesting, Lee notes that his father didn't get any grey hairs until after he'd turned 50.

As noted, Keith Lee is no longer with WWE, having been released by the company earlier this month, but will be free to work elsewhere once his 90-day non-compete clause is up.

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