Ralf Rangnick to Man United: When German stormed the pitch with his phone to confront ref


Manchester United fans are currently coming to terms with the exciting news that Ralf Rangnick is set to become their new interim manager.

Rangnick is believed to have driven a hard bargain when United came knocking though, demanding that the 6-month interim role be followed by a two-year consultancy at the club.

New broke yesterday that a deal had been agreed between the two parties, with a few minor details to be ironed out.

For the first time in what feels like a long time, it feels like some genuinely, well thought out, long term planning from the United hierarchy.

Rangnick reputation as someone who builds clubs is well known. He has been one of the major driving forces behind the rise of RB Leipzig from obscure nobodies to Champions League regulars.

He can also take a huge amount of credit for the way in which star managers Jurgen Klopp and Julian Nagelsmann have turned out, with both men quick to lump praise at Rangnick’s door for how their own personal development turned out.


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Klopp himself, speaking at his Friday press conference, claimed that Rangnick’s imminent arrival in the Premier League is ‘not good news for other teams’.

“Unfortunately, a good coach is coming to England, to Manchester United,” Klopp began.

“A really experienced manager, built most famously two clubs form nowhere to proper threats and forces in Germany with Hoffenheim and Leipzig.

“United will be organised on the pitch, I think we should realise that and that’s obviously not good news for other teams!’

However, it is the no nonsense, fire and brimstone approach that Rangnick brings with him that is perhaps the most exciting aspect of his arrival.

The German does not suffer fools lightly, and never was that better showcased than when he confronted a referee at half-time of an RB Leipzig game in 2017.

Now keep in mind that, at this point, Rangnick was the club’s Sporting Director but, after a controversial VAR call, he simply couldn’t help himself.

Ralf made his way onto the field, phone in hand, ready to confront the referee with video evidence showcasing why he made the wrong decision.

Incredible scenes.

Understandably, opposing players, and Leipzig players alike, weren’t best pleased with Ralf’s sudden arrival on the pitch.

Even the Leipzig manager at the time, Ralph Hasenhuttl has a stern word for his director:

“You can’t do that. It could lead to the ref thinking that he’s not acting cool.”

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