Brock Lesnar: Former WWE star reveals they pitched to be The Beast's sibling

WWE Hall of Famer pitched to be Brock Lesnar's sister

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix has explained that she made a pitch to WWE higher-ups that would have seen her presented as Brock Lesnar’s sister.

With the exception of Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar has always been a bit of a lone wolf in WWE, but things could have been very different for ‘The Beast’ if Beth Phoenix got her way.

During one of her first gigs with WWE, Phoenix pitched to be presented as Brock Lesnar’s sister, something that she recently revealed on Twitter.

The storyline, which Phoenix pitched to Michael Hayes, didn’t end up making it to TV, but you can see why Phoenix made the pitch considering how similar she and Brock Lesnar actually look.

Beth Phoenix is regarded as one of the best WWE female performers of all time, with many feeling as if ‘The Glamazon’ would have benefited from being brought in during the Women’s Evolution.

Phoenix currently serves as a commentator for WWE, calling the action on Tuesday nights on the USA Network for NXT 2.0.

Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, is serving a storyline suspension at the moment. However, there have been suggestions that Lesnar could be set to return to WWE as early as next month.

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