WWE SmackDown: Charlotte Flair sparks fan rage after leaving Toni Storm 'embarrassed'

Charlotte Flair Toni Storm

The rivalry between Charlotte Flair and Toni Storm has hit a new gear after their latest meeting on Friday Night SmackDown.

The Queen continues to dismiss Storm’s title challenge requests as she settles onto her throne on the blue brand following her recent WWE Draft switch up.

However, her hand may be forced into defending her belt after pulling off a savage act of disrespect on her opponent last night.

Storm interrupted Flair’s mic work segment right as she was discussing the ongoing rivalry between her and former friend Becky Lynch. 

The Aussie star slammed Flair for her “obsession” with Big Time Becks before boldly offering up a match against the champion as she stepped into the ring.

“That’s so cute! Toni, you think I was coming after you? I barely even know you exist,” The Queen responded. “There are levels to this and I’m on a different level.”

Flair then asked Storm how she wanted to be embarrassed before attacking her — sparking a brawl which made its way out of the ring and far too close to an extremely inviting table of Thanksgiving desserts.

Sure enough, Flair completely humiliated her opponent by smashing not just one, but two cream pies into Storm’s face. 

The crowd clamoured as a helpless Storm just stood there following the savage attack and a barrage of unimpressed WWE fans have since taken to social media to criticise this storyline angle.

Many Twitter users have slammed the decision to ’embarrass’ Storm and feel it should have been the other way round, with the Aussie pulling one over on Flair instead.

Storm is still a new face to the main WWE roster, having only joined the SmackDown brand in July this year. With an NXT Women’s Championship on her portfolio, she will be eager to win her first major title at the company, but will it be Flair she overthrows from the throne as she seeks revenge?

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