The Rock: Braun Strowman earns Dwayne Johnson comparisons in new social media post

Braun Strowman is drawing comparisons with The Rock

Braun Strowman (real name Adam Scherr) is earning comparisons to The Rock thanks to his latest social media post.

This past weekend, Braun Strowman got fans talking in more ways than one with his latest picture post on social media.

Strowman posted a picture from this weekend’s WrestleCade fan convention, reuniting with former Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan.

Fans were quick to point out how incredible Braun Strowman looks at the moment, with the former WWE Superstar clearly in incredible shape at the moment.

However, it wasn’t only Strowman’s incredible look, in which he seems to have toned up massively, that goes fans talking. 

Fans also started comparing Braun Strowman, at least in this image, to fellow former WWE World Champion Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Posing with a bumbag, a black shirt and a necklace, fans have drawn comparisons between the picture that Strowman posted and the iconic picture of The Rock from several years ago.

The Rock has been in the news a fair bit lately, with a video of the former WWE Champion surprising a US Navy veteran going viral last week.

The Hollywood megastar was not at Survivor Series, despite the show being heavily focused around him and his 25-year career.

However, reports have indicated that The Rock was originally slated to appear at the show, but couldn’t end up making it. 

It does seem like ‘The People’s Champion’ will be returning to WWE before too long though, as reports have suggested that a WrestleMania 39 match in 2023 with Roman Reigns is on the cards.

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