Jamie Carragher: Liverpool legend has never been more wound up than when Redknapp interrupted him


Jamie Carragher has worked hard to build a career as one of the most respected pundits on the circle.

The former Liverpool defender is particularly box office when he lines up alongside former Premier League rival, Gary Neville, for Sky Sports.

Carragher has become known for his astute analysis of the game when it comes to spotting tactical errors or just offering solid takes on the way a team has performed.

He is also just a very funny chap, capable of giving and taking banter in a live broadcasting environment.

However, he is also not shy to give as good as he gets and is well known for taking other pundits head on in fierce debate.

The Sky Sports studio has been the scene for many an iconic moment between feuding pundits and this last weekend was no different.


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Carragher got embroiled in quite a row with perennial grouch Roy Keane following the draw between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

The former defender got properly wound up as he and the United legend had a go at each other.

While, on this occasion, Carragher’s fume was very verbal, it may not be the most annoyed he’s ever been in a live studio situation.

That prize may go to a moment with Jamie Redknapp as a clip that re-emerged on Twitter shows.

Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United Fan Match Reaction | The Football Terrace

In the earlier days of his career, Carragher and Redknapp shared a studio as they broke down a Liverpool game they were covering at Anfield.

Carragher was in full flow as he analysed the game, only to be interrupted by Redknapp mid-sentence.

Carragher very nearly fell out of his chair as, knowing he was on live television, he did everything to bite his tongue and avoid kicking off.

It was a real slog for him though, as you can be seen in the clip, as he took a few seconds to compose himself and calm down.


The former Liverpool defender was absolutely fuming but did extremely well to hold back and maintain his composure.

Sadly for Carra, while he managed to keep his cool, it was clear for all to see that he was absolutely boiling inside.

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