FIFA 22 81-87 Upgrade SBC: How to Complete, Cost and More

Here's everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 81-87 Upgrade SBC

The 81-87 Upgrade SBC has been officially added to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but how do you complete the tasks to get hold of a decently rated card?

The game also has several other Upgrade SBCs that have already been added to the Ultimate Team system, and there’s likely to be even more added over the next few months.

Upgrades are a good opportunity for players to usually trade in a small amount of fodder or spend a small number of coins to get hold of a pretty decent card.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 81-87 Upgrade SBC, including how many coins it will take to complete.

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How to Complete the 81-87 Upgrade SBC

Here are the requirements to complete the 81-87 Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22:

  • Rare: Min 2
  • Player Level: Min Gold
  • Team Chemistry: Min 20
  • # of players in the Squad: 4

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81-87 Upgrade SBC Cost

Players will be looking at around 2,500 coins to complete the SBC task from scratch, which is a small amount to pay for an 81-87 rated player.

However, if you’ve got a decent amount of fodder cards in your roster then this price will drop exponentially and the SBC will be even easier to complete.

Is it Worth Completing?

Players on FUTBIN are not fans of the latest SBC from EA, with just over 50% giving a negative reaction to the new challenge.

It’s always a gamble, but if you’re lucky you could be walking away with an 87-rated card for only 2.500 coins and only trading in 4 players.

Unfortunately, this is just for Rare Gold Cards and not some of the Special cards that are currently available in the FUT system, so bear that in mind before you go in head-first looking for an In-Form!

That said, if you’ve got the fodder then give it a go, it’s repeatable so you can always try your luck again if you don’t get the card you’re after!

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