Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: The Gloves Are Off teaser clip posted


After years of trash-talking, speculation and more trash-talking, Amir Khan vs  is finally happening.

It is one of the biggest rivalries in boxing and based on their The Gloves Are Off trailer, which Sky Sports have recently dropped, time hasn’t been a great healer for their relationship.

The pair had to be separated at their press conference when announcing the fight and it seems a safe bet that the media tour will have many scuffles and feuds along the way.

Brook and Khan joined Johnny Nelson on his The Gloves Are Off show which has produced many great moments in the world of boxing in recent years. The latest edition looks like it’ll be no different.

Sparks begin to fly in the trailer as the two sit face-to-face, just a table’s lengths apart and try to throw the other off their game, attempting to reveal any slight weakness in their opponent.

Khan throws the first metaphorical jab and decides to use the trusted “you’ve lost the fight already,” after claiming to see right through Brook’s eyes. An average start from the Bolton man.

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Khan continued on this path, claiming Brook looks “empty inside” and “scared.”

Maybe Khan actually believes this, or maybe he’s just watched too many press conferences over the years and the cliches have lodged their way into his brain. Brook then hit back with a more forceful punch.

“I’m gonna be over with you when you’re out cold… you’re getting knocked out, you know what it’s like to be knocked spark out, don’t ya? It’s gonna happen again.”

Brook delivered this line calmly and assertively. It was as if he’d looked into the future and was so certain of a result, he didn’t need to dress it up in theatrics.



It doesn’t happen very often, but, based on the trailer, Khan was left speechless, failing to reply to Brook’s statement.

There will be plenty of ebbs and flows in the lead up to this fight, but, judging on the trailer alone, it looks like Brook has won the first round.

The drama is sure to continue, and it is sure to intensify. The people have been given a fight between two boxers who truly hate each other and the precursor to the real event looks like it’ll be just as ferocious.

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