Conor McGregor leg injury: UFC star can't wait to use steel bar in leg as weapon


Drama and Conor McGregor are a match made in heaven, and ahead of his return to fighting, the Irishman has claimed he wants to use the steel bar in his leg as a weapon.

This is an interesting tactic from McGregor as it’s not very likely that any fighters will be excited by the prospect of this. Although, most UFC guys will be firmly aware that this is just traditional Notorious mind games.

Having said this, the theatre that comes with a McGregor bout will surely be of intrigue to any potential opponents.

McGregor hasn’t fought since breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier earlier this year. In the opening round of the trilogy fight, when the Irishman went to block an attack from the American, his leg completely buckled underneath him, snapping in the process and causing a premature end to the bout.

Notorious is also on a three-fight losing streak. With both these factors in mind, some fighters may be looking to make a name for themselves in what they’ll see as a good chance to make it four in a row for the Irishman.


It also appears that McGregor is excited to get back in the game as soon as his recovery will allow him.

His Twitter Q&A allowed his fans to pose different questions to the fighter and some answers would’ve got the combat sport world purring.

McGregor stated he “will be full mixed martial arts sparring by April. Easily!” and “by then a return will be imminent.” This signals a long wait, but by putting a comeback date out there, fans will be left counting down the days till he’s back.

It was on this Q&A that McGregor then launched his threat of his new weapon.



I cannot wait to wrap this steel bar in my leg across the neck of a future opponent! I am counting down by the seconds until I get to launch this weapon.

It appears McGregor, by force rather than choice, has added a new weapon to his arsenal.

His claims about the damage it can do, doctors will disagree, are yet to be seen, but just the prospect of Conor trash-talking is exciting enough, as by the time he’s back, it would have been far too long.

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