Fall Guys Season 6: Footage Reveals New Round ‘Pipe Dream’

Fall Guys Season 6: Footage Reveals New Round ‘Pipe Dream’

Fall Guys Season 6 is around the corner as it goes live around 3-4PM BST on Tuesday 30th November 2021 and new footage has revealed one of the new rounds named Pipe Dream.

Many in the gaming community are very excited for the release of this new season in Fall Guys, as season 5 is so good, there is a lot of expectation from players for season 6 to be even better.

No doubt the developers will meet these expectations, and it will be really exciting to see all the new content they bring to the game.

The battle royale platform game has been a huge success for many years now, and this will definitely continue for a very long time.

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Footage Reveals New Round Coming to Fall Guys in Season 6 Named Pipe Dream

The creators of Fall Guys have been releasing a lot of little previews around season 6 over the past week, including new cosmetics and more, and now we are getting treated to what one of the new rounds looks like in season 6.

This latest footage revealing a new round named Pipe Dream was revealed on the official Fall Guys Twitter.

It was a 30 second clip, and it got the gaming community very excited. It showed players running through moving obstacles and also them going through various wind tunnels.

This looks very exciting and is very different to what we have seen from Fall Guys in the past.

There will be multiple new rounds coming to Fall Guys Season 6, and if they look anything like this, then we are definitely going to be in for our best season yet.

As Fall Guys continue to evolve the game massively, we are definitely excited to see what the future holds for the game.

With Season 6 bringing new cosmetics, maps and more, the game will have a very fresh feel and no doubt many will jump onto the game when season 6 goes live.

Be sure to download the update as soon as you can, and it should only take around 30 minutes to an hour to download.



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