Football Manager 2022: How to Buy Players (Complete Guide)

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 revolves around squad management and around the buying and selling of players.

But how exactly should you go about buying players for your club on FM22?

It’s an interesting question and one that has to be answered if you are to be successful within the game.

Now, of course, it does first of all depend on who exactly you’ve chosen to manage.

You may well be managing your favourite Premier League club, in which case you’ll have some cash to splash, but you may also be working your way up from non-league to the top-flight, which means the pennies will be well and truly pinched.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list on how best to use the transfer market and buy players, with advice that is consistent regardless of the club you’re managing.

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Take a look at our guide below!

How to buy players on Football Manager 2022

Let’s take a look at how you should go about bringing new signings into your club to help your title challenge, or European hunt, or relegation battle.

1. First of all, take a close look at both of your budgets – your transfer budget and your wage budget.
2. Pick out the area you want to strengthen and assign a scout to that position. If you’re looking for a striker, set that as a priority for your scouts.
3. Once the reports come in, look for players with a 3* current ability rating at least. That means they’ve got a good rating for the senior team. The only time you should be signing players beneath that is if they have high potential ability ratings – wonderkids, basically!
4. You can start off, before making a bid, by asking the player’s agent about his availability. That will tell you if he’s interested in a move, and what kind of role, and wage, he would want.
5. Should there be interest from the player, head into the ‘make an offer’ screen.
6. You can make an enquiry first but they sometimes end with the club telling you they aren’t interested in selling, so we recommend skipping that step.
7. With your transfer budget in mind, make a bid that is either at the player’s value or slightly higher.
8. You also have the option of tabling a bid that is below that value, but that is topped up by installments, which is a nice way of ensuring you have money left over.
9. You can choose to include things like sell-on clauses to further sweeten the pot. If you’re managing a top club, this definitely makes sense.
10. Once the bid has reached an acceptable level, the selling club will make that clear and allow you to table the offer.
11. Do that and then wait to enter contract negotiations with the player.
12. This is pretty straightforward, just make sure that you table an offer that aligns with the player’s expectations and you’ll be fine. Just remember that if you make him a promise, such as playing him in a certain position or strengthening an area of the team, make sure that you do it! These players have long memories.
13. Once the terms are hashed out, you’ll be given the chance to confirm the deal. Do that, and you’ve got your new signing!
14. All you need to do next is pick out a shirt number for him, and make him feel at home.

There’s a lot of steps here but it’s pretty self-explanatory when you’re playing the game itself.

There’s nothing better than bringing in a new signing who totally transforms the team and hopefully you can do just that!

With our guide handy, it should be simple.

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