Football Manager 2022: How to Sell Players (Guide)

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 relies heavily on squad composition and many struggle when it comes to selling players – so we have the perfect guide for you.

You have to be able to build a pool of players who can play the style that you want, and in the formation you’ve chosen.

You need to be able to go out and buy players, as well as shifting the deadwood from the squad in order to raise funds.

Regardless of where you’re managing, be it in the Premier League, the lower-leagues or abroad, you absolutely need to be able to maximise the amount of money you can extract from players.

Also, you need to know how to extract the most cash as you look to raise funds for the next big-money purchase.

The bottom line is that selling players is vital in Football Manager 2022 so here’s a guide as to exactly how to do it!

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How to sell players on Football Manager 2022

Let’s assume that you’re trying to sell a player who isn’t on the transfer list and who is not currently attracting interest from a rival club.

Here’s how to go about moving them on!

1. First of all, on any player you’re looking to move on, click list them for transfer and wait and see the reaction.
2. There may be a sudden influx of clubs who are interested in securing his signature and they will come forward with bids.
3. Be aware, here, that if you do transfer list a player, it’s likely that clubs will make initial offers below his market value.
4. If that does not happen, click on ‘offer to clubs’.
5. Before that, though, keep a close eye on what the player’s agent says. They may say that they will not react well to being offered to other clubs; if that’s the case, you’ll have an unhappy player on your hands.
6. That shouldn’t happen if a player is already listed for transfer, though.
7. Then wait for bids to arrive, and then you’ll be able to negotiate.
8. You can add sell-on fees, so that you get a chunk of any price the buying club receives if they sell in future, and installments and just hike the price up.
9. Don’t be too aggressive – a club offering £20m may not react well if you respond by asking for £40m, but you could push them up to closer to £30m with gentle negotiation.
10. There is always the prospect of a player rejecting a move but if you’ve placed them on the transfer list, it’s unlikely.
11. Depending on your club’s financial situation, once a player leaves, you may receive 100% of the transfer fee, or a smaller percentage; it could be as low as 0% but it’s unlikely a Premier League club will be at that level of financial insecurity.

It’s pretty simple!

That’s the bottom line, and you can raise funds relatively quickly if you’re able to move three or four players when you begin a save.

If you follow our guide, there shouldn’t be any issues, and you’ll be out shopping for replacements sooner rather than later!

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