Neil Warnock raging at Chris Morgan and Phil Jagielka after Sheffield Utd game will always be gold

Neil Warnock vs Chris Morgan and Phil Jagielka was TV gold

Neil Warnock has lost his temper numerous times during his career in football.

The Englishman loses his rag with officials on almost a daily basis.

Not even his players are safe from his wrath, too.

Back in the 2004/05 season, while Warnock was manager of Sheffield United, he allowed cameras to document the Blades’ campaign.

Cameras were allowed into the dressing room during and after games.

And they managed to capture Warnock absolutely laying into Chris Morgan and Phil Jagielka after a game.



On November 27, 2004, Sheffield United drew 3-3 with Wolves in their Championship encounter.

Sheffield United were leading with five minutes remaining but Joleon Lescott bundled home a set-piece to salvage a point for the away side.

Warnock, needless to say, was furious. Watch the moment below:


Warnock [to Morgan] “Who do you have to pick up, eh? Is it f******’ black and white?”

Morgan: “Lescott.”

Warnock: “In the last f****** two minutes. Can’t you f****** get him in the time it comes to take a f****** kick? Can you not get to pick him up by the time it comes from there to there? Whoever’s in the f****** box?””

Morgan: “There’s f****** three big ones at the back. Craddock and the two other f****** big f******. So what do we do?”

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Warnock: “You pick Lescott. If one of the others score, I don’t f****** blame you. You pick your f****** man up. If he’s the spare man, I take the f****** blame.”

Morgan: “It isn’t f****** black and white gaffer. You pick up whoever’s f****** there.”

Warnock: “So Lescott’s got nobody on him, has he?”

Jagielka then speaks up once again, shouting a number of expletives himself.

Morgan then throws a bottle across the room and shouts: “I’ll pick up f****** four of them then!”

What a moment. Fair play to Morgan and Jagielka for standing their ground. We wouldn’t have blamed them if they didn’t.

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