FIFA 22: Leaker Reveals Exciting SBC Coming To Ultimate Team

FIFA 22: Leaker Reveals Exciting SBC Coming To Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 love their Squad Building Challenges and a very reliable leaker has revealed an SBC coming to the game in the near future.

Squad Building Challenges are a great way for players to collect very special cards which are available in the game and they require you to submit a team with certain requirements in order to unlock the rewards.

We see new SBC’s released on a daily basis, and some of the favourite ones right now are the Icon SBC’s.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has released a lot of special cards this season, and this upcoming special card leaked should be a lot of fun to use in the game.

Leaks Reveal FIFA 22 Kazuyoshi Miura Ultimate Team SBC is on its way

This upcoming SBC is perhaps not the most overpowered one but it is definitely a very fun one and no doubt a lot of players will want to unlock the special card you can get.

These leaks have been posted on social media by Twitter account trustyfuttrader, and they have revealed the new SBC that will be released soon is to unlock a special Kazuyoshi Miura.

For those who do not know Miura, he is a Japanese football player who currently plays for Yokohama FC in the J1 League.

The somewhat unique thing about him is the fact that at the age of 54, he is by far the oldest player still playing football and still in FIFA 22.

Kazuyoshi Miura

Miura played for Japan in the 1990’s and the fact he is still playing football to this day is a great achievement. Due to his age, many know of him and will be wanting to use his special card.

The 54 year-old is only a 56 rated bronze card in the game, but the leaks have revealed that he will be getting a very significant boost.

This is very exciting and Miura should definitely be a card you look to get in the game.

For now we do not know much more about this SBC or when it will be released, but apparently it will be released soon and when more details are revealed, we will provide you with all the information you need to complete this SBC.

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