How to Resign on Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 can be a real pressure cooker depending on who you’re managing so we thought we ought to put together a guide on resigning from your role.

Of course, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll succeed with whoever you decide to manage.

You may well jump into an elite club and find it difficult to mount a title challenge, or qualify for the Champions League, or you might find yourself in a relegation battle at the bottom of League Two, scratching and clawing for every single point you can lay your hands on.

That could lead you to eventually hold your hands up and accept that you simply can’t achieve the goals set out for you by your board.

Variety, after all, is the spice of life, and that is part of what makes Football Manager 2022 so endlessly replayable, and so downright brilliant.

And there’s every chance that you may actually be too successful.

If you take over a lower-league club and guide them into the top-flight, only to see there being next to no transfer funds to spend, and interest from other clubs in your managerial services, then resigning may not be the worst option.

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You can free yourself from the club you were with and give yourself the chance to head into talks with another club, a free man or woman, with no danger of annoying your current employers.

Or perhaps you just need a change in scenery, having won everything there is to win, and looking to further your legacy elsewhere.

Here’s a quick how-to guide on resigning within Football Manager 2022!

How to resign on Football Manager 2022

So this one is dead simple, really, but it’s well worth knowing!

1. Head to the staff tab in Football Manager 2022.
2. Click on your manager’s profile.
3. There will be a drop-down menu offering you the chance to resign, retire, or go on holiday.
4. Click resign.
5. You’ll be asked if you’re sure this is what you want to do; if it is, confirm it.

As soon as you’ve done this, you’ll be returned to the Inbox screen and there will be a news item confirming that you’ve taken the decision to resign.

You’ll also no longer see the colours of the team you’re managing, meaning you’re back on the job market.

As soon as you’ve taken the decision, you’ll be asked if you want to unsubscribe from certain news topics – i.e. if you were managing in the Premier League, you can unsubscribe from the league’s news items.

You’ll also get a job breakdown every week, informing you of available and insecure positions that you’ll be able to apply for.

Good luck in your job hunt!

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