Craziest MMA fight ever?: Footage of brutal 5 v 5 survivor series in Poland


MMA is bar far and away one of the most brutal sports in the planet, but when you get 10 fierce fighters and whack them all into the same cage, the brutality sky rockets.

The professional fight saw 10 competitors fight out in two groups of five inside a MMA cage. 

The encounter was supervised by three referees as they had to oversee the brawl. 

Videos from ‘The War 3’ event surfaced on Twitter and users started to share their opinions on the strange event. 

It wasn’t long before there was a knockout as one of the fighters unleashed brutal shots onto his opponent.

However, with there only being three referees, the damaged fighter was left taking the punches before the scrap was broken apart.

The cage official picks up the opponent and continues the fight between the pair. The beaten-up fighter received no immediate medical treatment and was left to fend for himself in the cage. 


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The confrontation between the 10 men continued, with two guys in black shorts teaming up and knocking out a fighter in white shorts. 

As the exchange between the two teams goes on, viewing the event became harder and left many people on social media wondering what they were watching. 

In the end, the fight came to an end and the team wearing all-black shorts were deemed winners by 5-0. 

‘The War 3’ event however was far from over and also saw a two-on-two fight between males and another fight with a female. 

In the videos, the women is seen collapsing during rounds and is eventually taken out of the cage on a stretcher. The fight was then ruled as a ‘No Contest’. 

 Twitter user, @Grabaka_Hitman — otherwise known as Caposa had their say on the event, and in particular the five-on-five contest and early knockout — claiming that the subsequent strikes received made the barrage look like “attempted murder“.

“The KO and subsequent follow-ups (strikes) around the 17 second mark legit looks like attempted murder,” Caposa tweeted. “Three refs isn’t enough for these.“

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