Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Inside the training regime that turned 'Problem Child' into a boxer


Since he broke onto the scene in mid-2020, Jake Paul has been on a rather crazy upward trajectory in the boxing world. 

After wins against fellow youtube AnesonGib, and former NFL player Nate Robinson, Paul managed to also beat two former UFC stars in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. 

His biggest test so far lies in up-and-coming star Tommy Fury, younger brother of Tyson, as they prepare to face off in December.

Fury has been a fighter his whole life, and in order to overcome this obstacle, Paul has knuckled down and found the perfect training regime for him.

In a conversation with Men's Health, Paul went into the details of his training programme:


To start the day, Paul has a bowl of oatmeal, followed by 10 minutes of meditation. A 3-mile jog is next, followed by some stretching, an ice bath and a nap.


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Later in the day, he starts the boxing, with up to 20 rounds of shadow boxing, work with the mitts, heavy bag, speed bag and noodle drills in the ring. Alongside this he does a variety of neck and core exercises, followed by another ice bath.


Tuesday is Paul's allocated day for sparring, depending on where he's at in his training camp. "Sometimes I'll spar two guys. It's always good to have a fresh guy come in, just sort of to be there on you for some cardio," Paul says.


Wednesday is less about the pads and more about recovery, Paul spends time doing sprints on a football field, followed by ice baths, massaging, stretching, cupping and cryotherapy. 



 A strength and conditioning circuit in the day time is followed by 10 to 20 rounds of mitts and heavy bag in the evening.


A lighter boxing session at night prepares Paul for a day of sparring on the Saturday.


A day of sparring followed by an 'intense yoga session' at night.



Breakfast: An omelette with chicke, sunny-side eggs, toast and fruit.

Lunch: Lean chicken and rice or quinoa, or salmon and quinoa. Paul adds: "I've always got vegetables in there, like brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli."

Dinner: Fish, chicken or red meat, sometimes elk. 


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