Football Manager 2022: How to Earn Work Permits for Your New Signings

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 realistically mimics the transfer window in real life and that means you have to deal with the hassle of sorting work permits out!

If you’re looking to buy a foreign player, you’re likely going to have to deal with a work permit issue.

If you find a wonderkid in a country like Brazil or Argentina or Ghana or Australia, the same applies; you need him to have a work permit to be able to play for you.

You’ll have to ensure that you take a close look at the rules for each league you’re managing in; if you take on a club in England, including the Premier League, you’re going to have to deal with Brexit.

Now, whichever way you may lean politically, there’s no denying that it can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to signing your new star striker with 5* potential ability from Russia!

The new work permit rules in the country mean that it is, technically, easier to sign players from South America, which will be a boost to those looking for the next Neymar.

Jaminton Campaz

(Jaminton Campaz – Gremio)

Also, players who are 18 or over and are playing regularly in Europe’s top five leagues will be guaranteed a work permit – although they may be harder to sign because they’ll be important to their clubs.

Regular internationals for countries ranked within the top 50 of the world rankings will also likely get a work permit, meaning it’s quite difficult to sign a youngster from a nation like China, for example.

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Still, here are the steps to take to ensure you get that work permit for your prospective star signing!

How to get a work permit on Football Manager 2022

  • Pick your targets carefully: As mentioned above, if you’re signing a youngster who’s blossomed into a star at a club like Barcelona, you’re not likely to face an issue.
  • Get yourself a feeder club: If you’re trying to sign a Chinese wonderkid, for example, you’re going to struggle to get him a work permit. But if you get a British feeder club, you can farm him out for the years required to get him the permit. It may take a few years, but it’ll be worth it in the end.
  • Be aware of your budget: If you’re a lower league club, you’ll be keeping an eye on the pennies. It can cost as much as £20,000 to apply for a work permit, which could be a huge outlay for you. Be careful, and there’s also no guarantee of success, so you could be throwing that money away.
  • Cheat. There’s multiple ways to do this, but one of the best may be to head over to the Steam workshop and download yourself a database that doesn’t have work permits. You can also use the in-game editor to grant work permits to certain players. It’s not really right to do this but we can’t not mention it!

It’s not really an easy process and it definitely isn’t an exact science, but work permits can become a real issue within the game, especially if it’s hindering your ability to strengthen your squad.

Still, hopefully our guide will help you to get these deals over the line, and bring the best foreign talent into your club.

Good luck with your wonderkid hunting!

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