Sims 5 Multiplayer: Everything We Know So Far

Sims 5 Multiplayer

The Sims 5 is gathering more intrigue as the weeks and months pass as the prospect of multiplayer gameplay is exciting the loyalists of the series.

While EA have very much got their cards close to their chest in relation to the social simulation series, gamers are looking forward regarding what online gameplay will look like in the latest version of the game.

With the news that no further expansions are being introduced to The Sims 4, it could be that the emphasis is beginning to switch to the fifth edition of the series.

Despite this, details are still significantly limited at this stage regarding The Sims 5 but there is no harm in looking forward regarding the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Enough talk! Scroll down to find out everything that we know so far regarding The Sims 5 multiplayer.

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Sims 5 Multiplayer

Sims 4 Multiplayer

We were taken aback when The Sims 5 did not make an appearance during EA Play Live 2021, which took a lot of the gaming community by surprise. 

Because of this, no details have been disclosed regarding this aspect of the game at the time of writing. All we can do is speculate what could be on the way to The Sims 5 and what features might be included.

Multiplayer Features

It could be that there will be 20+ player servers that consist of different neighbourhoods, bustling town and city centres that are filled with activities and social opportunities for players to take part in. 

Gamers could live together in the same household, whether they were playing with friends or strangers. Mods of this description were created that were available to download for free, and could be used as the basis of an all-new feature in The Sims 5.

Either that or Sims Multiplayer could be a completely different game entirely. Like we've seen with other big-name titles in recent years. Single-player aspects have been released long before multiplayer variants have been unleashed onto the gaming market. The most recent example of this is Resident Evil Village, with Re:Verse still currently in the works.

These are all possibilities at this time. We will update this article as soon as more details are revealed in the coming days, weeks and months. Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned!

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