Romain Grosjean crash: Formula 1 star shows off his scars one year on from horror accident


Romain Grosjean recently discussed the brutality of the crash he had at the Bahrain Grand Prix in Formula 1 in late 2020.

During last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix, towards the end of the 2020 season, former Haas driver Grosjean was engulfed in flames after a massive crash at 140mph.

Thankfully, Grosjean was able to escape the fiery wreckage only suffering burns to his hands, having been protected by the Haas suit and halo device.

Yet that hasn’t made the ordeal any less terrifying to the now-IndyCar driver.

Appearing on 2016 F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg’s podcast, Grosjean went into detail on the crash, and where it’s left him in the aftermath. Here he said:

“The right is good, the left a little less good”, he began.


“It’s painful 23 hours a day. I need to do rehab and exercise every 10 minutes just to not lose mobility. It’s not all nice, but I’ve got my two hands and I can drive a car, I can cuddle my kids, play with them, and that’s what matters”.

Despite the horrors of the crash, Grosjean has taken a positive outlook coming out of it, heading towards the future.

“To come out of the flames that day is something that will mark my life forever”, he added.


“I don’t know if the word miracle exists or if it can be used, but in any case I would say it wasn’t my time to die.”

“I thought about a lot of things, including Niki Lauda, and I thought that it wasn’t possible to end up like that, not now. I couldn’t finish my story in Formula One like that”.

Intriguingly, Grosjean’s crash was perhaps a larger indicator of things to come in F1.


This season’s leaders, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, disagreed after the crash regarding whether Grosjean should have a choice to continue racing or not.

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