WWE Mount Rushmore: The Rock names his picks including Ric Flair and three-way tie


A pro-wrestling Mount Rushmore will always be a contentious debate, but you’d have to think if anyone’s list had any credence to it, it’d be ‘The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment’.

Responding to FITE’s question on Twitter, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson listed his very best with a three-way tie for third spot.

Two men Rock has varied history with in Hulk Hogan and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin sit in the top two spots, unsurprising given Rock’s love and respect of Hogan, and his famous battles with Austin from WrestleManias 15, 17, and 19, in what was Austin’s final match.

This is without even mentioning another legendary battle between Rock and Hogan at WrestleMania X8.

‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair came next, another unsurprising addition considering Flair’s obvious influence on Rock as a performer, and lest we forget the pair’s brief but tremendous interactions in the ring at WrestleMania XX, Rock’s last as a fully contracted WWE performer.

In joint third, however, sits The Undertaker, another obvious name given their history and legendary status, and two potentially surprising names in Pat Patterson and Jackie Fargo.


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Rock’s battles with and respect for Undertaker makes him a solid choice, but some may cast aside Patterson and Fargo as worthy entries on Rock’s list.

Pat Patterson in particular was a beloved wrestler, as well as a producer and agent in later years, with a career that included being the first WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Patterson’s passing in 2020 brought stories of how cherished he was in the locker room through the years, with Rock being chief among the names praising Pat.

Previous names to appear on Rock’s ever-changing Mount Rushmore include Bruno Sammartino, Randy Savage, and Dusty Rhodes, who he name checked this time as dropping elbows with Rock behind Rushmore.

I for one am surprised Kevin Owens, Adam Cole, and The Young Bucks avoided Rock’s list, but I digress.

Interesting though is the contrast between Rock’s list and The Undertaker’s, who revealed his on Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls’.


While Rock included Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, they were nowhere to be found on Taker’s list, as he included Shawn Michaels ands Andre The Giant in their place.

Steve Austin was a mutual Rushmore entry, while both included each other.

The thoughts of both legends are sure to fuel the conversation further, and it’ll be fascinating to see who makes the lists years down the line.

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