Manchester United: Incredible fan rant on the state of the club has gone viral

Manchester United: Incredible fan rant on the state of the club has gone viral

A new era dawned at Manchester United on Monday when former RB Leipzig boss Ralf Rangnick was confirmed as the Red Devils’ interim boss until the end of the season.

According to one United fan who called into talkSPORT earlier this week, though, the club’s issues run far deeper than just the man at the helm – and his three-minute rant bashing the state of affairs at Old Trafford has gone viral.

The caller, identified only as Paul, ripped into pretty much everyone associated with the club, beginning with those who backed United to be in title contention before the current campaign got underway.

“Listen, we’ve got a very poor and unbalanced squad. At the start of this season, so many people told me we’d be challenging for the league. The number of pundits who said that is embarrassing.

“It’s honestly embarrassing if you couldn’t see the weaknesses in this squad. A hotchpotch of players, all with different styles, half of which we don’t need,” he insists.

Next on the caller’s wide-ranging agenda comes United executive vice chairman Ed Woodward, who is criticised for his hiring criteria when it comes to managers.



“There’s a premise at Manchester United that we have to appoint a long-term manager. You don’t!

“There are only short-term managers who keep winning. Ed [Woodward] needs to understand this, because then it doesn’t matter who you bring in next. If the next guy fails, you move him out. You don’t wait three years.”

The appointment of 63-year-old Rangnick on a short-term deal is also blasted for “making no sense”.

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“I don’t understand this Rangnick appointment at all. If he’s he’s a Director of Football, make him a Director of Football. If he’s a manager, make him a manager. It makes no sense.

“This guy will either be brilliant or will explode the football club. For a club that had Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in before that, who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, it’s an extraordinary appointment. I’m hopeful he’s brilliant, of course I am!

“It’s a nonsensical decision from a football club who have no direction but seem to think they’re sitting on a squad who are going to be brilliant!”

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The caller then further savages certain members of the United playing staff, declaring: “There are players that – because they have British passports – get away with absolute murder.

“Harry Maguire is a Championship defender at best…I haven’t got time to read you the stats on the goals he’s helped concede or the chances he’s given up.

“Nine wide players at the football club. Nine! But not a striker under the age of 34. Do me a favour,” the caller continues, getting increasing wound-up as he does so.

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England international Luke Shaw is his next target, who he blasts for only having had “six good months” during his eight years with the club. 

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Lastly, even his fellow United supporters come in for criticism.

“Our fans are a joke too, by the way. I’ve never seen a bunch of fans accept mediocrity the way that ours have learned too,” the caller concludes. 

Not letting his airtime go to waste, the sheer amount of gripes the caller manages to get off his chest in the space of just a few minutes is pretty impressive. You can check it out in full below.

Video: Manchester United supporter tears club apart in viral rant

Presenters Jim White, Simon Jordan and Danny Murphy are visibly taken aback by the intensity and range of the rant, so much so that they barely offer more than a few words in response to the caller’s points.

Due to delays in processing Rangnick’s work permit, Michael Carrick will once again take charge of United as they host Arsenal in the Premier League on Thursday. 

If the scale of the issues facing the club are truly as bad as the fan featured above suggests, then Rangnick will have quite the job on his hands in the coming months.

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