Khabib Nurmagomedov ‘talks just as much sh*t as everybody else’, Israel Adesanya's coach claims

  • Tom Ward
Israel Adesanya's coach says Khabib Nurmagomedov ‘talks just as much sh*t as everybody else’

Khabib Nurmagomedov ‘talks just as much sh*t as everybody else’ despite being happily retired.

The Eagle, 33, emotionally left his gloves in the centre of the octagon shortly after submitting Justin Gaethje in the second round of their main event at UFC 264 last October.  

Khabib had been expected to take a bit of a backseat as he made the transition from fighter to full-time coach, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking a pop at opponents past and present on social media and in several interviews.   

And City Kickboxing head coach Eugene Bareman – who is best known for training UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya – believes Nurmagomedov has become the very thing he once swore to destroy.

Bareman told Submission Radio: “Khabib talks more sh*t about other fighters than anybody and I’m disappointed to see that.

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“Because for me, he was a guy that, oh man, this guy’s still a purist. That’s not a part of his DNA. But now you see him slagging off fighters, and then [Islam] Makhachev does the same.

“That never used to be a part of their culture in the sport. They had their own unique place in the sport. Now they’re just like everybody else.

“Khabib talks just as much sh*t as everybody else. He used to respect all fighters. He used to respect all fighters a lot.

“Same as Makhachev. I heard that maybe their manager controls their Twitter. But then they’re still foolish for letting the manager control their Twitter.

Eugene Bareman believes Khabib has become the very thing he once sought to destroy

“I like the old, I like the way they used to be, before they got all Hollywood. They had their own culture. It was theirs. They weren’t trying to be American.

“They brought a real pure kind of edge to the sport that’s missing from the very top, that’s missing from the very top because it’s so cutthroat.

“But to see them now, just Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, blah, blah, blah, ‘no good, this guy’s here for a payday, this guy’s here for that, this guy’s no good, you’re all shit, you shouldn’t fight him, you don’t deserve’.

“Like, just do your thing. And how they do their thing is they just fight until it just gets to a point when you can’t say no. And that was the thing that I respected. That’s all.”

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Bareman, who was in Dan Hooker‘s corner for his fight against Islam Makhachev back in October, believes both have fallen victim to the changing nature of the sport. 

“When I say used to, I still respect them a lot, but the thing that I used to respect about them, the guys like Khabib and that, is they were purists,” he added.

““All they did was fight. Don’t worry about the media, don’t worry about [anything else], just get on with your job, fight.

“They come from very humble beginnings. They’re not very materialistic when they make a lot of money. They just keep training.

Eugene Bareman is best known for coaching Israel Adesanya

“They show up, they grind, and they don’t care about the material positions, flash cars. All they want to do is fight, and their whole goal is to fight. And their style reflects that.

“They don’t want to be flashy. They want the best way to get to the win. In a straight line from A to B.

“And that’s what I used to respect about them, and I used to love it. And the thing is, at the top level, it’s a cutthroat game.

“And the amount of things that you can respect, they started to get pulled away and cut away. And that’s what I used to respect about them. But now the game has got to them as well.”

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