AEW: Cody Rhodes slams Andrade El Idolo through flaming table in unreal footage


Last night’s AEW Dynamite featured a massive main event of the ever-controversial Cody Rhodes, in his hometown no less, taking on Andrade El Idolo in an Atlanta Street Fight.

The match had been built through a series of battles over the last few weeks, including PAC, Malakai Black, the Lucia Brothers, and FTR.

The rivalry escalated to a new point after Andrade hit Cody with a DDT onto concrete at the conclusion of last week’s show, setting up the mammoth main event for this weeks show.

The bout took no time to settle into the brutality of the stipulation, with Andrade attacking Cody before the bell, with steel stairs, laptops, and steel chairs provided by talent show co-stars all coming into use in the early going.

This eventfully grew to include the meta-weapons of a sledgehammer and a golden shovel, shoving the not-so-meta message of Cody’s moral dilemma down our throats.

Nearing the matches conclusion was where the violence escalated to a new level though, as things began to get a little more heated.


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With a table set up by the top turnbuckle, Cody had stopped Andrade from delivering a moonsault on him through the table, when Brandi Rhodes appeared to light the table one fire.

From here Cody would hit a reverse super-plex to Andrade from the top rope through the flaming table. Unsurprisingly, this gave Cody the victory.

This is the first time a flaming table has been seen in an AEW ring, with the mad stunt primarily seen previously in ECW, and most notably in the legendary Edge vs Mick Foley Hardcore Match at WrestleMania 22.

The spot had been hinted at on AEW’s Road To show on YouTube previewing this week’s episode of Dynamite, with Cody promising to deliver a stunt as crazy and memorable as the last time they were in Atlanta, where Cody hit a moonsault to Wardlow off the top of a Steel Cage.

Clearly Cody has a penchant for delivering crazy moments on his home turf.

Flaming tables notwithstanding, the match was solid and concluded a similarly good overall episode of Dynamite, and it’ll be interesting to see where Cody’s sprawling story goes from here.

There really isn’t much beyond a flaming table to keep this rivalry hot.

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