Lyndon Arthur vs Anthony Yarde 2 press conference - as it happened

  • Tom Ward
Lyndon Arthur vs Anthony Yarde 2 press conference live

Hello and welcome to live coverage of Lyndon Arthur and Anthony Yarde‘s pre-fight press conference where they will be speaking to the media ahead of their highly-anticipated rematch on December 4. 

‘King’ Arthur will go at it with his bitter rival Yarde once again on Saturday night in the main event of BT Sport Fight Night at the Copper Box Arena in London to decide who is arguably Britain’s best light heavyweight. 

The bout will be a rematch of their clash at Church House almost exactly a year ago to the day, which Arthur won via a split decision. 

Yarde bounced back with a first-round knockout victory over Alex Theran since that setback, while Arthur completely dismantled Davide Faraci in July, setting up the all-important decider this weekend. 

So the question on everyone’s lips is how will the pair’s second meeting pan out? 

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2nd. Dec, 13:40
That’s all for now

That’s it from Warren and co. – the time for talking is over.

2nd. Dec, 13:38
Final words from Frank Warren

“Saturday night’s alright for fighting, and that’s what we’re going to have on Saturday night, it’s going to be a big fight. Both guys have a lot to prove and as I keep saying the winner of this fight will get a world title shot. You don’t need anything more than that, that in itself will make it a great fight.”  

2nd. Dec, 13:35
Lyndon Arthur

“It’s not so much just getting it out the way, like I said in interviews before, he’s been a good dance partner for me. So at this part of my career, it’s probably the best fight financially and best fight to get me out there again, so it’s not the case of seeing the back of him because it’s been fun. The first fight was my coming out party, this will kind of cement it, so it is what it is. It’s part of my journey. That’s completely cool [on Yarde calling him boring] because a boring fighter won. All I need to do is win, I don’t need to listen to what he’s saying or listen to what they’re saying, if they think I’m boring, it’s down to them. I don’t care, if I’m boring, I’m boring, and I’ll keep winning. It is what it is, let’s go Saturday.” 

2nd. Dec, 13:27
Anthony Yarde

“I’m not going to take anything away from Lyndon because he clearly done his job, you know, he stayed on the back foot, popped the jab, stayed on the back foot, didn’t engage. One hundred per cent, it’s on me, everyone was waiting for me to put on the gas. You saw in the last round when I went for it, it was a completely different fight. It was just bad decision-making, bad timing, and my mindset was just not there for the fight. I was heated straight after the fight but again you can’t reverse anything and you’ve just got to take the opportunities you get. He got the decision, it was a split decision, this happens in boxing where there’s mixed opinions. One judge gave it to me by I think more than four or five rounds, two of the judges gave it to him by one rounds, so it’s just perspective. It depends how you see the fight. At the time I thought I won the fight. They thought it was a close fight. Going back and watching the fight again, I thought it was a close fight as well. I’m not up here to bullsh*t anybody or lie about anything, I’m a realist, but again I was going through a lot. My mind wasn’t in boxing. I’m a person who doesn’t make excuses, it’s all about this Saturday, two days away.”

2nd. Dec, 13:24
Pat Barrett

“James Cook is a very respectable fighter, I watched James Cook coming up, he came up the hard way. He knows boxing, he knows what it’s like to come form the bottom, to make it to the top. He’s a credible trainer, I mean really and truly, James Cook should be sat up here on the table discussing about Anthony because that’s what they brought him in for but unfortunately he’s not. If you asked me about him, do I think he’s good? Yeah, I think he’s very good but it’s kinda like Man City. You have so many good managers before you can find the right one before they can gel and I don’t think it’s enough time in the camp to say it’s going to change him because it’s not about physical attributes it’s about mental attributes. I’ve watched Lyndon grow up from a kid to be a man to be the fighter he is today. I know what way they’re going to come because all they talk about is knocking people out. I respect Anthony as a fighter, very good fighter, is a world-class fighter, but it’s like I said, the jab is a master key. The funny thing is, they don’t respect Lyndon’s punching power, and that’s going to be their downfall. What you’ve got to realise, trying to knock someone out can also get yourself knocked out.”

2nd. Dec, 13:15
Tunde Ajayi

“Saturday night is my main focus. I’m not here to discuss Pat Barrett, his achievements, what he’s done, or even what I’ve done in this sport. This is, as Frank put it at the last press conference, this is war. Talking can get you far and it has done for many people but there comes a point where it comes you’re going to have to show you what it is. Anthony and I, we haven’t done much talking to get us to this point, and I feel its incumbent on us to continue showing those who have come from a certain environment how to conduct themselves when they get to a certain level of the sport and earn that respect. I believe we’re going to see how special Anthony Yarde is on Saturday night.”

2nd. Dec, 13:10
Frank Warren

“It’s a fantastic fight. You forgot to add that Lyndon’s ranked number one by the WBO so the winner of this fight will get the winner of Joe Smith vs. Callum Johnson which is taking place in January so that’s what’s on the table. There’s a lot more at stake for this fight than there was for the first one. As we know, the first one took place behind closed doors. It was a good fight. It didn’t quite spark as I expected it to, but it was a very good fight. But I think this fight is going to be different for many reasons. One, because of what I just said is at stake now, and it’s in front of a live audience. They know each other well enough now, they’ve shared the ring for twelve rounds, who’s learned the most from that first fight.”

2nd. Dec, 12:44
Dev Sahni gets us underway

Here we go!

2nd. Dec, 12:40
What is the Lyndon Arthur vs Anthony Yard 2 fight card?

In addition to Hamzah Sheeraz vs Bradley Skeete in the chief supporting act, there’s also the heavyweight bout between George Fox and Kamil Sokolowski.

While Dennis McCann faces Juan Jose Jurado at bantamweight to look forward to as well.

  • Sonny Liston Ali vs Lee Hallet – super lightweight
  • Umar Khan vs Luke Merrifield – featherweight
  • Masood Abdulah vs Paul Holt – super featherweight
  • Charles Frankham vs Lee Glover – super featherweight
  • Karol Itauma vs TBC – light heavyweight
  • George Fox vs Kamil Sokolowski – heavyweight
  • Dennis McCann vs Juan Jose Jurado – bantamweight
  • Sam Noakes vs Shaun Cooper – lightweight

2nd. Dec, 12:35
Lyndon Arthur and Anthony Yarde are also present and correct

Right on cue, both fighters are also here as well as to be expected, accompanied as always by their trainers Barrett and Ajayi.

2nd. Dec, 12:33
Frank Warren has arrived

The legendary Hall of Fame boxing promoter is in the building – let’s hear what he has to say.

2nd. Dec, 12:20
Hello and welcome to BT Sport Studios

Welcome to the BT Sport Studios!

Lyndon Arthur faces Anthony Yarde this weekend at the Copper Box Arena but before then we’ll be hearing from both fighters as they speak to the press ahead of that light heavyweight fight. 

They’re due at around 12:30pm and I’ll have everything they and their trainers Pat Barrett and Tunde Ajayi have to say ahead of their rematch. 

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