AEW Dynamite Results: Cody and Andrade "burn" down the house in extreme main event


This episode of Dynamite saw rivals Cody Rhodes and Andrade El Idolo ignite their rivalry in a grueling main event.

This show also saw the final match in the quarter-final bracket of the TBS Championship title between Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander, while also Atlanta's own Alan "5" Angels went one on one with AEW World Title number one contender, Bryan Danielson. While two undefeated teams collided in the form of The Gunn Club and the team of Darby Allin and Sting. 

Bryan Danielson def Alan "5" Angels

AEW World Champion "Hangman" Adam Page opens the show to a roaring ovation from the Atlanta crowd as he joins the commentary table to support a fellow friend and Dark Order member Angels while also scouting his future opponent and the number-one contender to his AEW World Title, Bryan Danielson.

Danielson and Angels start the bout off with a test of strength where the stronger Danielson proceeded to gain momentum. The course of the match quickly shifted to a brutal hard-hitting exchange from Danielson, executing a series of devastating kicks to the chest of Angels.
Bryan bides his time, taunting the Atlanta crowd. Which allows Angels to counter with a backslide rollup attempt. Angels attempt to stay on Danielson but is met by a slick reversal followed by an armbar attempt which is quickly broken by a rope break.

Angels showcase his never say die attitude as he continues to fight back against Danielson toppling him to the outside where he follows up with a pin-point dive and then a moonsault from the second turnbuckle.

Angels sets up Danielson for a signature Moonsault Press off the top rope but no one is home. Danielson capitallises with the running knee. Instead of pinning a laid-out Angels, Danielson keeps his word and levels Angels with a series of kicks to the head and finishing him off finally with a devastating knee-bar to pick up the victory.

Post-match sees Danielson taunt the crowd about the damage that he has done to their hometown hero. Danielson proceeds to call out a Dark Order member from Long Island as this is the location of where the next edition of Dynamite will be taking place. Adam Page makes his way towards the ring sick of Danielson's actions however he can't touch Danielson per orders of AEW president Tony Khan. However, Dark Order member John Silver emerges and rushes the ring to which Danielson evades and mocks Adam Page and Silver as he heads to the back.


Miro Promo-
Miro cuts a cryptic yet spine-chilling promo where he goes onto state that he is going to redeem while also embracing.

CM Punk def Lee Moriarty

A fried-up CM Punk looks to showcase and make a statement towards recent rival MJF by putting away Moriarty. As Punk makes his entrance he is interrupted by none other than MJF who proceeds to join commentary.

Punk and Moriarty shake hands in a show of sportsmanship before locking up with a series of technical maneuvers. Moriarty proceeds to gain control, keeping Punk to the mat and levelling him with a series of deep arm drags. MJF continues to belittle Punk on commentary.

Moriarty looked very impressive throughout the match, executing an array of hard-hitting spots. However, the ring experience of Punk showed as punk executes a beautiful transition before executing the GTS and picking up the victory against an impressive Moriarty.

Post-match saw MJF take the microphone and taunt Punk with a series of personal comments As Punk goes up the ramp to confront MJF he is met with a staredown from MJF's associate Wardlow.

Britt Baker Promo-
An upset Baker talks about how she believed Rhio cheated to pick up the victory and earn an AEW Women's World Title match. Hayter and Baker jab at each other for recent losses, leading to an announcement that Rhio will go one on one with Hayter next week on Dynamite.

Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy confrontation-
Adam Cole joins commentary for Orange Cassidys bout but if met by a face-to-face confrontation. However, Csssidy is soon outnumbered as Cole's friends and fellow Elite and Superkliq members The Young Bucks emerge and execute an assault on Cassidy. As they set up for a signature Combo BTE Trigger. Best Friends members Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta even the odds.

Tony Nese Promo-
The Premier Athlete discusses how Guevara doesn't deserve the title and how this Friday on Rampage the title will change hands.


Wardlow def AC Adams-
Wardlow showcases a dominant display executing a series of spine-crushing powerbomb to Adams and quickly getting the victory.

Post-match sees fellow Pinnacle member Shawn Spears level Adams with a series of brutal chair shots.

Death Triangle Promo-
It is revealed that Pac will team with Penta in the upcoming two out of three falls match with FTR which will take place for the AEW World Tag Team Championships this Friday on Rampage.


Darby Allin and Sting def Gunn Club-
This match saw the collision between two currently undefeated teams for 2021.

The match began with a series of back and forth lariats between the two teams, which included a moment between Sting and Billy Gunn where the two veterans stared each other down before slugging it out.

A point in the match sees Billy execute a brutal slam to Darby, showcasing the Gunn Clubs' dominance for the majority of the match.
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However, a last gasp hot tag saw a change in course of the match which later proved to influence the overall result. Darby showcased his tenacious daredevil nature, executing two consecutive high-velocity dives onto the outside, followed by an impactful stunner which allowed Sting the opportunity to hit Colten Gunn with the Scorpion Deathdrop to pick up the victory and end the Gunn Club undefeated streak.


Chris Jericho Promo-
Jericho makes it clear that he wasn't helping Eddie Kingston last Friday on Rampage before he is blindsided by a three-on-one assault from 2.0.

Lio Rush and Team Taz confrontation-
Lio discusses how he has always been the underdog wherever he has gone. But is met by Dante Martin and Team Taz who laugh at an alone Lio Rush.

Jade Cargill, Thunder Rosa promo-
Smart Mark Sterling congratulates Rosa for advancing to the semi-finals. Rosa and Cargill then exchange heated words as it is discovered that on Rampage Cargill will go one on one with one of Thunder Rosa's students. A catalyst for what should be a hard-hitting semi-final encounter in the TBS Tournament.

Ruby Soho def Kris Statlander - Quarter- Finals of TBS Title Tournament.
This highly anticipated encounter sees the final match in the quarter-finals of an incredible TBS title tournament.

Soho and Statlander throughout the bout had an answer to everything that each other possessed within their arsenal. The match was unpredictable with the two competitors executing numerous hard-hitting counters to their opponent. A memorable moment was Statlander crushing Soho with a devastating blue thunder bomb.

However, the result saw Ruby Soho advance after picking up the victory from a roll-up reversal from an attempted Bing Bad Theory by Statlander. After the match, the two showed respect to one another. But Soho was later blindsided by an attack from her now confirmed semi-final opponent Nyla Rose.


Cody Rhodes def Andrade El Idolo- Atlanta Street Fight
This main event saw both competitors take things to the extreme. The two came out flying from the gate with Andrade storming Cody Rhodes.

This match had unforgettable moments throughout with both men putting each other through heaps of pain. A moment in the match saw Cody get busted open by Andrade and then levelled with a double knee strike to the face assisted by a steel chair. The punishment continued with Cody getting arm dragged through a table in the corner.

The final moments of the match saw Brandi Rhodes emerge from the crowd and ignite a table below Andrade and Cody who were perched on the top turnbuckle. Cody sets up an inverted suplex to Andrade before slamming him through the ignited table and picking up the victory.



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