FIFA 22 Ones to Watch: Players React to Lionel Messi Upgrade

Players have reacted to the Lionel Messi Ones to Watch Upgrade in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Lionel Messi is one of the FIFA 22 Ones to Watch cards that became eligible for an upgrade recently.

Ones to Watch Player items follow the biggest transfer names in world football, with the cards featured eligible for some big rewards.

The cards will get an upgrade when a player receives a qualifying performance-based in-form (Team of the Week, Man of the Match).

Fortunately for players who have the Messi card, they’ve got a pretty decent little bump in his stats.

FIFA 22 introduced the concept of a one-time +1 In-Form upgrade for cards if the player’s real-life team wins five out of their next 10 domestic league games, starting from Friday October 1st 2021.

With PSG’s recent run of form, Messi has now qualified for the one-time upgrade, and there are a number of other cards of footballers who have moved to the club that have also got a decent upgrade.

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How Players are Reacting

Messi is of course one of the best RM cards in the game, with the Argentinian great being the holy grail for some Ligue A, Hybrid and Argentina based clubs in Ultimate Team.

For context, the Messi Ones to Watch card now has the following stats:

  • Overall: 95
  • Pace 88
  • Shooting 94
  • Passing 93
  • Dribbling 97
  • Defence 36
  • Physical 70

Players on the r/FIFA subreddit have been reacting to the upgrade that the megastar card has gotten.

One player was bemused at the idea of the card being rated so highly after looking at the real-life footballer’s recent form. They said: “Messi's scored 1 goal in 7 Ligue 1 games and gets a 95 card.”

Another player would point out how PSG cards appear to have gotten the best overall upgrades thus far in the Ones to Watch promo: “PSG players got the best upgrades, +2 Pace on Messi, + 2 pace and Physical on Ramos, +2 Defending on Hakimi and + 3 Pace on Wijnaldum.”

Overall it appears as though players are happy with the upgrade, giving the already incredibly powerful card a slightly better overall pace that can be upgraded further with a chemistry card.

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