Cody Rhodes: WWE Hall Of Famer reacts to insane flaming table Dynamite spot.


On last night's Dynamite, there was a spot in the main event match between Andrade and Cody Rhodes that caused a mass response in the wrestling world. But one response was particularly familiar. 

The wrestling world went crazy when they witnessed Brandi Rhodes emerge from the crowd and ignite a table in the main event of Dynamite. Cody then planted Andrade with a reverse suplex through the flames picking up the victory. 

Backstage footage showcases the wounds and burns that Cody suffered from the spot, as even when he went to pin Andrade he was on fire. The sheer danger of the stunt gained publicity and acknowledgment quickly.

However, it gained the attention of hardcore professional wrestling icon and WWE Hall Of Famer, Mick Foley who had a very similar spot at Wrestlemania 22 when he went one on one with the Rated R Superstar Edge in a brutal extreme rules match. 

Foley took to Twitter to react to the spot with a tweet that said: 

AEW isn't afraid to enter the world of extreme by having many innovative spots involving weapons in the past. From the Young Bucks hitting superkicks with a modified thumbtack shoe or Moxley crawling through broken glass against Kenny Omega. AEW has always pushed the boundary in order to be creative and not stale in these more dangerous match types. 

Mick Foley is no stranger and is a veteran for the extreme match type and it is clear he is no stranger to going through a burning table. 

It's clear to say that these two stole the shoe in the main event of Dynamite. 

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