Ric Flair on WWE fan attack: Charlotte & Roman Reigns 'tougher' than Seth Rollins

Charlotte Flair Roman Reigns

After Seth Rollins was attacked by a member of the audience during last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, he has been widely praised for how he handled the situation. 

As he was walking off set, the WWE star was tackled by a supporter who had jumped the audience barricade. Security were quick to react and diffused the situation without anyone getting hurt.

Rollins described the account as “terrifying” in an interview with TMZ Sports following the incident.

Since his comments, he has received criticism from Ric Flair, who has questioned the way the Raw icon dealt with things.

“My problem with Seth is if you’re a top guy in this business, and you know anything about the psychology of what the fans think and feel, which they really do, you never, ever, ever, get off an airplane in L.A. and say, ‘I was terrified’,” he said on an episode of his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast.

“Terrified of what? Terrifying is being in an airplane crash. You were terrified or horrified by a wrestling fan? Come on, man.”

Flair stressed on screen heels “should never admit defeat”, and he claimed Rollins should not have even alluded to the fact the situation shook him.

“You never admit you got your ass kicked, much less being horrified or terrified. Please.”

Flair continued to compare Rollins to second generation wrestlers who “are taught to be tough,” including his daughter Charlotte. The Nature Boy then implied The Queen is tougher than Rollins.

Seth Rollins

“You got to be tough to be in this business, period,” he said. “Even today, these kids are tough. I’ll tell you right now and I can’t help but bring her in, [Charlotte] can kick anybody’s ass.

“Second generation kids are taught to be tough. Roman Reigns, The Usos — I’m such a fan of kids that had to really be tough and just survive in life.”

Charlotte Flair

Both Charlotte and Reigns are popular heels on WWE and both stars currently compete on Friday Night SmackDown. They currently watch over their blue kingdom as holders of the respective brand titles. 

The Queen herself is one of WWE’s most decorated wrestlers, having won 13 titles in her career. She has also made history on several occasions, including becoming the first woman to headline a WWE pay-per-view event.

In addition, Flair highlighted tag team partners Natalya and Tamina as being “legitimately tough.”

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