Arn Anderson: WWE Hall Of Famer takes scary fall during AEW Dynamite


Last Night before the main event of AEW Dynamite between Andrade and Cody there was an incident that could have ended up being more serious involving Arn Anderson. 

Before the main event between Andrade and Cody, Cody was making his signature entrance towards the ring accompanied by his manager WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson. However, the match kicked off with full force with Andrade and his assistant Jose storming the ramp to attack Cody and Arn.

However, as Jose stormed Arn in particular he lost his footing on the stage and momentarily fell off the stage, and was stuck there for a short period until Jose had to pull him out while making it look like work.

They managed to get back on the script with Jose pummeling Arn on the stage, but Arn put the crowd and the viewers at home a bit more at ease as he quickly changed the momentum and landed a few heavy shots to the head of Jose before following him into the back.

This could have been a lot worse for Arn, as luckily he landed in a spot that supported him and allowed someone to help him with ease. On the other hand, the spot could have been way worse and had more worrying results as the AEW stage as it goes further down is relatively steep and has a fairly big drop, that could do serious damage.

Luckily Arn seemed ok and Cody and Andrade put on a display that can go down as one of the memorable AEW hardcore matches, while also being the match of the night for this recent addition of AEW Dynamite. 

You can watch AEW Internationally on FITE TV. 

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