Triple H: WWE COO highly unlikely to ever leave despite rumours

Triple H is not leaving WWE anytime soon

Despite fan theory and rumours suggesting otherwise, reports have suggested that Triple H is very unlikely to leave WWE.

Triple H is not only the husband of Stephanie McMahon and the son-in-law of Vince McMahon, but also Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development of WWE.

However, some have suggested that with the mass releases and the mass changes to NXT 2.0, that there is a chance that Triple H could actually leave WWE.

This is very much fan theory, however, and no reputable journalists or sources have claimed that Triple H is close to leaving Vince McMahon's company.

As a matter of fact, the idea of Triple H leaving WWE has now been rebuffed by PWTorch, who notes that the former WWE Champion is incredibly unlikely to ever leave the company.

Wade Keller explains that he was told by someone in WWE that Triple H is not going to leave the company, with the "family dynamic" meaning it wouldn't make sense for HHH to depart.

Keller notes that it would affect the entire family dynamic in a hugely negative manner if Triple H were to leave the company and work for another company, so it's not something he's going to do. 

"I was told by somebody in WWE not too long ago that Hunter is not going anywhere. Their familiarity with the family dynamic is such where you know, they are familiar enough with the Stephanie-Hunter-Vince dynamic that Hunter cannot cash out and just leave without it affecting the family dynamic in a way that was just more negative than something Triple H would do. That could change and that person could be wrong but their hunch was Hunter is either gonna work in WWE or not but not work against them in the pro wrestling business."

Triple H has seemingly returned to work in WWE after a "cardiac event" in September, being pictured on assignment with WWE last month, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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