Smith Rowe goal vs Man Utd: The 13 craziest goals in Premier League history

Craziest goals in Premier League history

Emile Smith Rowe’s goal against Manchester United on Thursday will be remembered for many, many years to come.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in football, a goal like Smith Rowe’s comes along.

We’re sure you’ve all seen it by now but just in case you haven’t, let’s explain what happened…



Arsenal had a corner and Manchester United midfielder Fred accidentally stood on his goalkeeper, David de Gea’s, foot. De Gea went down to the ground as the ball was cleared to Smith Rowe who smashed the ball past De Gea.

Referee Martin Atkinson blew his whistle as the ball hit the back of the net as it seemed the goal would be disallowed.

However, after consulting with VAR, the goal was awarded.


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And it got us thinking: What is the craziest goal in Premier League history?

Well, we’ve delved into the archives and picked out the 14 craziest goals the league has ever seen.

Let’s take a look at the weird and wacky goals in the league’s history:

14. Paul Robinson vs Watford

A goalkeeper scoring is strange enough but doing it from 70 yards is bizarre. Paul Robinson managed it against Ben Foster back in 2007.

13. Tim Howard vs Bolton

Scrap scoring 70 yards. How about scoring from 100 yards? Everton’s Tim Howard did just that against Adam Bogdan and Bolton in 2012.

12. Asmir Begovic vs Southampton

What beats scoring from inside your own penalty area as a goalkeeper? Scoring from inside your own penalty area as a goalkeeper after just 12 seconds. Take a bow, Asmir Begovic.

11. Dion Dublin vs Newcastle

Right, enough about goalkeepers scoring. This from Dion Dublin is so, so cheeky and hasn’t been replicated in the Premier League since.

He hides behind Shay Given and pounces as soon as he drops the ball. A goalkeeper will never put the ball on the ground without looking behind them these days – and Dublin is to blame!

10. Gareth Bale vs Liverpool

This is surely Gareth Bale’s best ever goal against Liverpool. Okay, maybe not but this is definitely the craziest.

To be fair, there’s not much Bale could do about this as Aaron Lennon smashes the ball off the line and into the Welshman’s face resulting in a hilarious own goal.

9. Jari Litmanen vs Aston Villa

A brilliant assist from referee Andy D’Urso. Peter Schmeichel launched the ball out and it inadvertently hit the ref on the back and was rolled into the back of the net by Jari Litmanen. It would never be given nowadays with the new rules in place.

8. Jason Cundy vs Ipswich

These days known for his punditry role on talkSport but, back in 1992, Jason Cundy was scoring from near the halfway line for Spurs against Ipswich. Shame it was actually a tackle…

7. Divock Origi vs Everton

It’s been three years since this freak of a goal and we’re still trying to work out how it happened.

Virgil van Dijk’s spinning shot wasn’t dealt with by Jordan Pickford and Divock Origi was on hand to score an injury-time winner in the Merseyside derby. Shame he thought it was only the equaliser.

6. Michail Antonio vs Sunderland

What a header from Michail Antonio! The West Ham man has scored many goals for West Ham in recent years but nothing beats stumbling into the box and getting the ball booted against your head and it looping over the goalkeeper.

5. Stan Collymore vs Blackburn

Never forget this incredible bobble goal from Stan Collymore. It was a bit of a pea-roller from the Liverpool man but Tim Flowers was shocked when he saw the ball bobble over his head.

4. Youl Mawene vs Southampton

This is a relatively unknown goal but it’s absolutely fantastic. A corner is cleared high into the air. So high that it comes down with snow on it. Goalkeeper, Paul Jones, gets nowhere near it and Youl Mawene just sticks out his leg and gets it in off the post.

3. Emile Smith Rowe vs Manchester United

We’ve already spoken about this goal and it’s crazy in its uniqueness. We probably won’t see a goal like it again but it was the correct decision to allow it to stand.

2. Peter Enkleman vs Aston Villa

What don’t you want to do in the Birmingham derby? Mis-control a throw-in back to you to score an own goal. The best thing is that if Enkleman didn’t get a touch, the goal wouldn’t have counted.

1. Darren Bent vs Liverpool

Of course. Darren Bent scored against Liverpool via a huge deflection off a beachball – thrown on by a supporter in the away end.

It should never have counted but we’re so glad it did. Because it’s the craziest goal in Premier League history.

Ronaldo hits brace after bizarre Smith Rowe opener! (The Football Terrace)

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