PUBG New State: Best Weapons to Use Right Now

PUBG New State: Best Weapons to Use Right Now

Many in the gaming community are thoroughly enjoying PUBG New State and we have revealed the top 10 best weapons to use in the game right now.

The mobile game available on both iOS and Android phones was only released back on November 11th 2021, but due to the success of PUBG Battlegrounds, many were dying to get their hands on the mobile game. It looks like it has met expectations.

With constant updates, as well as new content added consistently, there is no doubt that PUBG New State will be a success for a very long time.

Hopefully this weapon ranking will be useful to you and help you pick up a lot of wins in the online battle royale game.

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Top 10 Best Weapons to Use in PUBG New State (From Worst to Best)

There are an abundance of weapons to use in PUBG New State, and this can make it very hard to pick which one you should be using the most in the game.

Obviously different weapons will be better in different situations, and this list reveals good weapons for short, medium and long range battles.

With the game using shotguns, assault rifles, snipers and submachine guns, players can really have a unique gaming experience, and this is why the game has been such a success so far.

Here are the top 10 weapons to use in PUBG New State:

10: MK47

This assault rifle has a decent fire rate and is a lot of fun to use in the game.

MK47 Image From Zillion Gamer

9: MK14

Arguably the MK14 is the best DMR to use in the game and it is great at both medium and long range if you have the right attachments.

8: Crossbow

A crossbow is always fun to use, and it is even better when it is a really powerful weapon in a game, and it is just that in PUBG New State.

7: Beryl M762

This assault rifle is another good short to medium ranged weapon to use in the game and has a very decent fire rate.

Beryl M762

6: PP-19 Bizon

One of the best submachine guns in the game and a classic weapon used across many games available to play at the moment.

5: S12K

This is probably the best shotgun to use in the game as it has a very decent fire rate as well as packing a big punch.

4: M249

With a lot of bullets in its magazine, as well as a very decent fire rate and good damage, this LMG is definitely the best of its type in PUBG New State.

M249 Image from Zillion Gamer

3: M24

The best sniper rifle to use in the game. With the right attachments, you will be able to kill opponents in one shot.

2: Vector

With a rapid fire rate and a lot of damage, this Vector is the best SMG in the game and will kill opponents in seconds if you aim well.

1: Groza

With low recoil, a fast fire rate and dealing a lot of damage, this Groza is not just the best assault rifle to use, it is also the best weapon in the game. If you want to deal a lot of damage, be sure to use this weapon.

Groza  Image from Zillion Gamer



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