Tyson Fury: Gypsy King slags off Anthony Joshua in a song as entire club joins in


When it comes to the art of trash talk, there is no one quite like Tyson Fury.

The heavyweight champion of the world might be one of the best boxers on the planet, but his mouth in unmatched when it comes to gaining the psychological edge.

Who can forget when he paid Urban Dictionary to change the definition of ‘Dosser’ to a description of Deontay Wilder?

He’s also had a lot to say in the run-up to the massive bout between his brother Tommy Fury and YouTube-sensation-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

However, there is perhaps no one that has been more the target of Fury’s with and ire than one Anthony Joshua.

The eternal British rivals have been circling each other for years now and, after coming agonisingly close to arranging a fight earlier this year, are still keeping each other at arm’s distance.


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Now, with Joshua losing to Oleksandr Usyk, it seems we are even further away from seeing the two come to blows inside a boxing a ring.

While it seems as though the dream of the ‘Battle of Britain’ may never come to fruition, it hasn’t stopped Fury from having a dig at Joshua.

The Gypsy King was on top form on a night recently as he sang a not-so-subtle song about Joshua with a group of rowdy fans.

In a clip posted by influential journalist Michael Benson, Fury can be heard singing, “AJ is a p***y,” with the partisan crowd echoing his sentiments.

If ever there was a video to sum up Fury when he doesn’t have a fight to worry about.

Fury remains without a next fight to look forward after negotiations with Dillian Whyte hit a snag while fighters such as AJ and Usyk remain unavailable for a bout.

As a result, the best boxer in the world will have to remain inactive until an adequate opponent presents himself.

It may never be AJ but, if the two are keeping score, Fury is definitely winning when it comes to the verbal battle.

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