Floyd Mayweather & Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez: Money rips into Mexican's dominance


Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is considered by many as one of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time.

That being said, there is a cloud always looming over his head. Controversy follows him everywhere regarding the infamous drugs scandal.

Floyd Mayweather echoed these sentiments in a recent press conference at the recent Gervonta Davis pay-per-view event.

The pair fought back in 2013 and when he asked if he thought Canelo was clean at the time, Floyd said: “I don’t know. That kid was a cakewalk. He was easy for me.”

Fast forward back to modern day and now that the spotlight has moved away from him, Mayweather seems keen to point the finger at the Mexican star.

What we don’t talk about is, uh Canelo, Canelo, Canelo. Steroids, steroids, steroids! We don’t talk about that, so we don’t know all the fighters he beat. He could have been not clean in a lot of fights.

Floyd, nicknamed Pretty Boy and Money, did eventually discuss the fight at hand, but not before he delved deeper into the topic of Canelo.

“Canelo’s a helluva fighter, but in my personal opinion, he’s ducking David Benavidez. Do I like this [cruiserweight] fight [against Makabu]? Absolutely not. We wanna see Benavidez.”

It was said that Canelo even ducked Gennady Golovkin at points, but when all was said and done, he did overcome the Kazakhstani king.

Speaking about the man in the path of Davis, Mayweather said: “Cruz is a tough fighter. When this fight was first made, I didn’t know much about Cruz. But when I did my homework, I saw that I’d faced guys like him before. You can’t overlook any opponent, but especially one like Cruz.

“‘Tank’ has unbelievable boxing skills and the will to win. I see very similar qualities in Isaac Cruz. On Sunday, it’s going to be an explosive night.”



Davis is a superb fighter and it is fascinating to see what he has coming his way. Regardless of that, it is refreshing to hear the honesty from Floyd in and amongst the fiery comments on Canelo.

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