Formula 1: Horner likens Max Verstappen to Tyson Fury in Lewis Hamilton rant


The Formula 1 title race is building to a spectacular crescendo as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen prepare to duke it out in the final two races of the season. 

Hamilton’s dramatic resurgence of late has hauled Verstappen right back into his view and you can be sure the Dutchman will be looking anxiously in his rearview mirrors from place at the top of the standings.

While the action one the track has been electric, there has been just as much controversy off of it, with each camp trying to get the psychological edge over the other as the season nears its end.

Now, red Bull chief Christian Horner is wading into the battle of words, backing his young driver to the hilt with just two races to go.

Speaking to the media, Horner was emphatic in his praise of Verstappen.

“Max drives like Tyson Fury fights. He’s got that same heart.

“You just know he’s going to give it everything and if you knock him down, he’s going to get back up.


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“He’s got that burning desire, that all-out commitment. I would put money on Max’s first flying lap in Saudi Arabia being the fastest of any driver.”

Horner also hit out at Hamilton’s apparent digs at his driver.

Adding to The Telegraph, he said: “Lewis continually drops his subtle little digs or provocations. But I think the great thing about Max is he doesn’t give a f***.

“He is who he is. He drives a car fast. And then he wants to go home and play on his PlayStation. It’s as simple as that.”


“The maturity Max has shown throughout the campaign has been extremely impressive.

“He’s relaxed and dealing with the pressure incredibly well, I think he is driving better than ever.

“A good example of this was during the race in Qatar, when he did not feel we could catch Lewis, but commented over the that radio he “wanted to have some fun.”

The title is there to be won if Max wants it, but you can be certain that Hamilton is going to fight him tooth and nail to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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