AEW Rampage Results: Pac's vision fades to black as FTR triumph in main event.


An undefeated streak continued while another ended and two of the biggest tag teams in AEW collided in a stacked Rampage card. 

This installment of Rampage saw contests featuring the likes of the TNT Champion Sammy Guevara put his title on the line against "The Premier Athlete" and currently undefeated challenger Tony Nese. It also saw the undefeated, unstoppable Jade Cargill go one on one with a student of her upcoming semi-finalist opponent in the TBS Tournament, Thunder Rosa, and a grudge match main event between Death Triangle members Pac and Penta El Zero Miedo who take on rivals FTR. 

Sammy Guevara def Tony Nese- TNT Championship match 

The challenger Tony Nese was going into the bout with a 100% win record standing at 4 wins and 0 losses. However, this was to be his biggest match yet against a dominant Champion in Sammy Guevara who has proved to be unstoppable in previous defences against the likes of Ethan Page and wrestling veterans, Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish. 

Both competitors came out flying, showcasing their technical ability as well as their aerial expertise. Nese dominated most of the bout targeting Guevara's ribs which were injured prior to the match. 

An impressive spot saw Sammy laid across the top turnbuckle with Nese connecting with a punt kick that elevated Guevara in the air allowing him to catch and plant him with a brutal gutbuster. 


As the match progressed, there was an array of high-flying spots with Guevara hitting a devastating moonsault onto the outside as well as Nese executing an impressive 450 splash. 

However, Guevara showed that he was just one step ahead of Nese and hit him with a pin-point GTH to pick up the victory ending the undefeated run of an impressive Tony Nese. 


Jurassic Express Promo- 

Christian talks about how the Jurassic Express haven't forgotten about the loss they suffered to the Lucha Brothers which led to the Lucha Brothers becoming AEW World Tag Team Champions. He continues to discuss how he and the Express will be scouting the main event tonight between Pac, Penta, and FTR.

Jade Cargill vs Janai Kai 

Thunder Rosa, Cargill's upcoming semi-final opponent in the TBS Title tournament, joins commentary to scout her opponent who goes one on one with Rosa's student Janai Kai.  

Cargills looked to extend her undefeated record to 20 wins and 0 losses as a statement to Rosa. 


At the beginning of the match, Cargill taunts Kai, allowing Kai to throw the first punch. Kai gets Jde in a headlock which is immediately broken as Jade tosses her opponent across the ring and then in-succession executes a brutal bicycle thrust kick before hitting the Jaded and picking up another emphatic victory in under 2 minutes. 


Cargill continues to attack Kai after the match before Rosa has enough and storms the ring causing a brawl to ensue between the two rivals and upcoming opponents in the TBS Tournament. 


Superkliq promo - 

Adam Cole reflects on the attack that he and the Young Bucks executed on Orange Cassidy on Dynamite. The Bucks then issue a challenge to any of the two best members of Best Friends to a tag team match next Wednesday on Dynamite. 

Eddie Kingston promo - 

He sarcastically congratulates 2.0 for taking out Chris Jericho. However, proceeds to threaten 2.0 saying he is ready if they try anything like what they did to him last time again. 

FTR def Penta El Zero Miedo and Pac -

The two teams exchange words backstage before the match which quickly becomes heated.


The absence of Ray Fenix meant that Pac had to step in to fill the vacant spot in this match. However, Pac was fighting with one eye due to a blindsided poison mist attack from Malakai Black on last week's edition of Rampage. 

Pac and Penta gave all they can to FTR in this bout showing a variety of hard-hitting tag team maneuvers, but it proved to be an uphill battle against the experienced team of FTR who had Tully Blanchard in their corner. 

The final moments of the match saw Blanchard try and get involved by distracting the referee. This backfired as Pac knocked him down and he almost picked up the victory with a modified roll-up on Dax who just kicked out at 2. Pac then proceeds to hit a stunning top rope moonsault onto the outside to both members of FTR. 

As the referee checks on Dax in the middle of the ring, an unaware Pac is oblivious to Malakai Black who emerges on the ring apron and once again sprayed the poison mist but this time into the one good eye of Pac, which allowed FTR to get the pin and steal a victory as Black was undetected by the official.

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Post-match sees FTR continue to attack Penta and execute a severe act of disrespect, removing the mask of Penta. This is the biggest insult to the culture of Lucha Libre. Malakai Black continues the assault on Pac targeting the eye more and more and standing tall above a fallen Pac.

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