Mike Tyson vs Tyson Fury: Fantasy superfight simulated with clear winner


Sports fans love to use the phrase ‘what would happen if?’

What would happen if the Arsenal invincibles played Man United’s treble winners? What would happen if Lewis Hamilton raced against the late-great Ayrton Senna? What would happen if LeBron went head-to-head with Jordan?

Hypotheticals are what keep fans arguing for hours upon end about things that could never happen.

This trend has been prevalent in the world of boxing in the last few days with a hypothetical Tyson Fury vs Mike Tyson fight being debated.

World-renowned boxing promoter Bob Arum weighed in on this debate recently, and in his opinion, there would be ‘no contest’. Arum thinks this bout would be an easy victory for Tyson Fury, mainly due to the physical disparities between the two.

“Tyson Fury would beat him, he’s way too big for him. What’s Mike Tyson going to do, jump up and land a punch on Tyson Fury?”



This might be an exaggeration, but Arum’s point is valid. There is almost a whole foot separating the two fighters and this would have a considerable impact on the bout.

Mike Tyson vs Tyson Fury Simulated

Thanks to ‘Boxing Fight Simulations’ on YouTube, we have been able to see the fight take place on Fight Night Champion.

The fight lasted longer than one might imagine. In the extremely one-sided affair, Fury spent the event toying with the smaller Tyson. The Gypsy King dropped his opponent three times in blistering style, whilst also conserving his stamina for the moment he had been waiting for.

At the start of the eighth round, the Brit landed the decisive blow.

A right hook sent Mike Tyson crumbling to the canvas and confirmed the victory for Tyson Fury by way of knockout.

The Brit then jumped onto the ropes in his typical showman fashion, and we can be fairly sure he would’ve had a singsong with the crowd as well.

A lot of the comments on the video firmly disagreed with the outcome, siding against Bob Arum and Fury, and this is all part of the fun. We simply will never know who would win this bout, so long may the arguments continue.

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