Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: The Beast takes punches from 'world's fittest man'


Ross Edgley is often referred to as ‘The World’s Fittest Man.’

He holds multiple world records and takes part in challenges that to normal people seem utterly bizarre.

He has swum the 900 miles from Land’s End to John o’ Groats in world-record time and once completed a marathon with a 1,400-kilogram car attached to him.

However, Edgley may have just taken on his most difficult challenge yet. Living the life of Eddie Hall for 24 hours.

Hall is a former professional strongman, who holds multiple UK and England strongman titles, as well as winning the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2017.

Edgley followed all of The Beast’s day-to-day activities, including his vigorous training programme and somehow consuming all of the food Hall eats in one day; the eating should have been a challenge in itself.

When Hall and Edgley went to the gym, they took part in various exercises, but the most incredible activity involved Hall standing with his arms aloft and taking punches in the abs from various people.


Edgley stepped up and repeatedly hit Hall and he wasn’t holding back, sending punch after punch into the strongman’s stomach, however, it didn’t seem as if he even noticed.

Hall nonchalantly stood there throughout the exercise, taking body shot after body shot from the ‘World’s Fittest Man,’ only stopping briefly to clarify the ribs were out of bounds.

This will be alarming for Eddie Hall’s upcoming opponent Hafthor Bjornsson ahead of their much-anticipated fight.

Thor and Hall have had back and forth for years now, dating back to their days of competing against each other in strongman competitions, and based on this video, Hall is in good a place ahead of the fight.

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It is likely Bjornsson will pack more of a punch than Edgley, but it seems like body shots won’t be enough to take down The Beast.

Will we see a knockout in the world’s heaviest fight?

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