Fortnite Chapter 3 map revealed in full


With Chapter 3 nearly upon us, Fortnite fans eagerly await for any leaks or hints on what the new season will bring.

One of these things being a brand new map for gamers to explore.

Fortnite released the details of the new map this morning and from looking at it, we can instantly tell that it is snow dominated around the centre and the whole left side. Perfectly suitable for this time of year, we must add.

It has a small amount of grassland on the right hand side of the map and an even smaller amount of desert at the bottom.

With Christmas coming up and winter starting, it is no surprise that the map is full of snow.

Also, to link in with #FortniteFlipped, they have also flipped the map if you have a look at a comparison picture from Chapter 2.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Map


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This intriguing map is bound to get gamers across the world excited as they look forward to exploring the new setting for their battles.

This is clearly shown as when Fortnite tweeted a picture of the new map, one fan stated: “STAYED UP ALL NIGHT FOR THIS!”


However, fans still don’t know a certain date for when they will be able to play the game and try out the new map. It is expected to be later today, but it is still yet to be confirmed as of writing this article.

The good news is that it’s definitely not too far away and it won’t be long before millions of players are travelling around the new map.

Like previous years, it is also likely to have a festive theme during December, but despite this, it looks like the map will be covered in snow for a long time after Christmas and into the New Year.



The new Fortnite Chapter definitely isn’t far away, and gamers will all have the joys of learning the story of The Rock’s character ‘Foundation’ and working their way through the exciting new map in no time!

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