Brock Lesnar's hand size compared to Andre the Giant's really is mind-blowing


Brock Lesnar and Andre the Giant are two of the biggest men that have ever been in WWE, but for the former, it’s not just the squared circle he’s dominated.

The Beast Incarnate is thought about as one of the most dominant athletes in pro-wrestling history, having won the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship, the WWE World Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship and the IGWP Heavyweight Championship in 16 years of fighting.

Lesnar stands about 6ft 2″, while his weight measures in at around 286lbs or 130kg. It was also said that he could bench press well over 600lbs and squat about 1,000lbs, so it’s safe to say he is one hell of a specimen.

Throughout his career, he has used his size and strength to his advantage, both in the wrestling ring and inside the UFC Octagon.

Meanwhile, Andre the Giant’s massive frame helped him become a worldwide superstar in the wrestling industry.

His exact height remains unknown, but while he was still wrestling, he was often described as being 7ft 4″, but the world knows that wrestling numbers are usually prone to hyperbole.

Andre the Giant’s French passport gave his height in metres, and converting it leads to a number just under 7ft 2″.



His weight brought even more argument with it often said to have been 520lbs, but that might simply have been another exaggeration. His weight descriptions usually vary from about 380lbs to as much as 555lbs when he died.

It is quite telling from these figures and descriptions that these men were huge. That is why the picture currently circulating of Brock Lesnar’s hands in a cutout of Andre the Giant’s have brought a lot of excitement and intrigue.

It’s interesting because Lesnar’s hands are so big that he had to get MMA gloves custom made when he was in the Octagon. In the lead-up to his return, Lesnar tested the largest gloves that UFC had to offer (an XXXXL like he had worn in the past) but they were too snug for his liking and gave him concern.


He said: “When you tape my hands, I don’t know if you’ll get the glove on,” Lesnar said. “I won’t be able to close my hand.”

Lesnar’s hands pale in comparison to the cut-out that is said to be Andre the Giant’s, and it is quite fascinating what the actual dimensions of The Giant’s hands would have been.

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