Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen Saudi GP: Mercedes man was told to pass Red Bull too late


This F1 season has been fuelled by emotions, just like any other, and passion has been ever present from the first race to the penultimate one just gone.

Lewis Hamilton is seeking his eighth world championship, whilst Max Verstappen is attempting to knock him off of the top spot by securing his first.

The drama in Saudi Arabia started on the 10th lap, when Haas driver Mick Schumacher crashed into the barriers. Hamilton then decided to take this opportunity to pit under the safety car which was put in place.

Only three laps later, Schumacher’s incident meant that a red flag was brought out, making all cars come in, allowing Verstappen to change his tyres and gain the advantage.

But as soon as the race had restarted, on lap 15, Hamilton was ‘run off’ the track by Verstappen. Plus George Russell, Sergio Perez and Nikita Mazepin all crashed, subsequently leading to a second red flag.

Lap 37 of this race could potentially be the lap that cements this season's rightful spot in the history books.

It had began with the championship heavyweights almost making contact with each other. In the Mercedes, Hamilton was somewhat forced to take action after being ran wide earlier on in the race. But, as soon as Verstappen was told to give up his spot to Hamilton due to that, things took a turn for the worse.



What followed led to Verstappen having two points marked on his license and a ten-second penalty.

Verstappen was ordered to hand back the position to Hamilton, which his team told him to do in a strategic matter. So with the final straight coming up, and the opportunity of DRS on the horizon, the Dutchman had slowed down (dropping five gears as a matter of fact) giving Hamilton space to make an overtake. But all of this confused the Brit.

From Max’s perception of it all, he was doing what was being asked of him, but he had just broke in a sharp manner, leaving Lewis to interpret it all as ‘some sort of crazy tactic.’

Whilst this had all been going on in the Red Bull camp, Lewis and Mercedes were oblivious to it all. It was only when contact had been made on the rear of Max’s car by Lewis that he was informed that they were to swap positions.

Quite rightly said by Michael Masi, he can’t speak to both teams at once, meaning letting both sides know about the decision was pretty tricky, especially at the same time to keep both on the same page.

In a sport where cars are going at high speeds and people's emotions are running just as high, it’s never going to be easy to please everyone.

This sort of situation could well be what defines the season, Formula One fans just now long for Abu Dhabi to await who will be crowned champion.

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