FIFA 22: NepentheZ Fumes Over FUT Champs Being ‘Toxic For No Reason”


Influencers that play FIFA 22 are starting to complain about potential “toxic” behaviour that might be creeping into the virtual football sim.

FUT Champions, otherwise known as the Weekend League, has been a major part of the popular game mode Ultimate Team (FUT) where players face off against each other with their own custom squads to earn rewards in the form of Packs, Qualification Points and Coins.

However, gamers have managed to find loopholes in the system where they can quit a game mid-match and not be hit with a loss on their record, in which a large array of players were banned for by EA.

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While this bug was overwritten by a patch that was implemented into FIFA 22, there are still ways that players can leave during a game and not be forced to forfeit.

One FIFA 22 streamer has been bringing this to the attention of the wider community and states how it has the potential to quickly spread.

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FIFA 22 FUT Champs

NepentheZ, who has been a FIFA influencer for many years, had his say in what is turning into an increasingly worrying situation and takes away the enjoyment from playing FUT Champions.

Speaking on Twitter, he said:

“Sunday night FUT Champs has to be the worst of the FIFA gaming experience. 1 guy gets to 1-1 and quits. 4 people quit at kick-off 0-0. 2 people pass it back pretending to OG, boot it out then quit. We’re getting very close to FUT Champs being stupidly toxic for no reason.”

It appears to be a mystery why players can get away with quitting the game while the score is level and not be hit with any form of penalty.

This was also an issue in FIFA 21, with EA not clamping down on this sort of behaviour that can bring unwanted negativity to the series.

Let’s hope that EA iron this out in their next Title Update that they make.


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