Trish Stratus & Lita: Groundbreaking WWE Raw main event happened 17 years ago today

Lita Trish Stratus

There have been some truly iconic WWE women’s title matches over the years, but one of, if not the biggest of them all was a brutal clash between Trish Stratus and Lita.

These two women are the inspiration for a number of stars currently wrestling in the WWE and both are widely regarded as two of of the best female wrestlers of all time.

On this day in 2004, the two stars went head to head in one of the most memorable women’s matches in WWE history.

WWE Women’s Championship title holder Stratus took to the ring to defend her title against Lita in an exhilarating clash that would become a benchmark for all other women’s matches to come.

It was the first time a women’s match had ever headlined a WWE show and the pair certainly delivered for those eagerly waiting for the historic moment.

The match was jam-packed full of insane moves and nail-biting moments that had the crowd going wild from the first bell.

Perhaps the most shocking moment of the clash was Lita’s botched suicide dive to the outside, which had fans clamouring as the North Carolina native over-rotated by a fraction. She narrowly avoided serious injury as she lay ringside clutching her head for a few moments.

After the incident, the two women returned to the ring where Lita eventually defeated Stratus via pinfall.

Stratus and Lita joined the company towards the tail end of the Divas Era, but they didn’t need anything but themselves to become WWE icons.

The two women had an almost career-long rivalry and Lita had threatened to overthrow Stratus as the WWE women’s champion during the 2004 Survivor Series. However, Lita found herself disqualified after breaking her opponent’s nose with a chair after just two minutes.

She found her revenge on Stratus less than a month later, finally getting the better of the champion and snatching the red brand belt for herself.

New rivalries have formed since these two stars dominated the stage — Charlotte Flair has had iconic clashes with the likes of Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch, while Sasha Banks has an ongoing feud with Bianca Belair. But everything arguably points back to this moment in 2004 — the landmark moment of women’s wrestling.

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