WWE: Charlotte Flair responds to Toni Storm pieing her on SmackDown

Charlotte Flair Toni Storm

Charlotte Flair has continued to throw shade at potential title contender Toni Storm after humiliating her two weeks ago on Friday Night SmackDown.

The Queen smashed not one, but two Thanksgiving pies into her newest rival’s face during a promo segment, which sparked Storm to retaliate the following week.

Flair’s initial stunt caused a lot of outrage on social media, with many supporters unhappy with how Storm was ‘embarrassed’ in such a brutal way.

On the latest instalment of the blue brand, Flair continued to goad her opponent.

“Whether that’s bringing up my name every five seconds in an interview or begging for a title opportunity, I know exactly what Toni Storm is doing,” she said during her latest promo segment. "Number one doesn’t talk about number two, six, or ten.

"Even acknowledging Toni feels like I’m giving her too much credit. You know what Toni Storm should be doing? She should be thanking me. I did her a favour last week — Toni Storm was the talk of the town because Charlotte Flair smashed not one, but two pies in her face. You’re welcome."

The crowd clamoured as The Queen worked the mic and stated she had mulled over Storm’s offer of a title challenge but would not be taking her up on it.

With the audience lapping it up, Flair made her exit, holding her title aloft as she walked away from the ring. But Storm, armed with the urge for revenge and a pie, levelled the scores by hitting the SmackDown champion right in the face with the cream dessert.

Flair went through a series of emotions — shock, horror, and then rage. She shot Storm a look that suggests maybe now, a title clash is on the cards.

However, The Queen recently appeared on Talking Smack to discuss her feud with Storm, and admitted that she ‘still doesn’t take her seriously.'

"Had someone thrown a pie in my face last week, I would have beat their ass," she said. "I would’ve one-upped them.

"All she did was throw a pie in my face, monkey see, monkey do. No, that does not really make her a contender. That doesn’t make me take her seriously. You know what that makes me want to do? Send her my dry cleaning bill.

"Thank God I was not actually wearing one of my $8,000 robes, no, just one of my $6,000 bodysuits."

Flair then said Storm failed to get her attention with her reaction and instead just showed she was copying The Queen as she continues to push for the opportunity to challenge for the SmackDown Women's Championship title.

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