Tyson Fury pummelling Tommy in the ribs with a medicine ball before Jake Paul fight


Tommy Fury was originally scheduled to battle Jake Paul on December 18 in Florida. Yet, on December 6, the former unfortunately had to pull out due to a broken rib and a chest infection.

In fairness to Fury, he was absolutely determined to battle on and get on with the fight, but he was ruled unable to compete by a doctor, with his team also advising him against going through with it.

In a sad video posted on Instagram, Tommy explained the reason behind his withdrawal.

He stated that he contracted a bacterial infection which severely affected his breathing and sleeping during his training camp. He did, however, allow himself to continue training for the fight for up to four weeks after first struggling with his chest problem, but it only led to making things worse.

One day during training, Fury was hit with a body shot in a regular sparring session that left him ‘doubled over’ and in desperate need of going to the hospital. After an MRI scan it became clear that Tommy had been left with a ‘clean break’ and ‘multiple fractures’ in the ribs.


Since his decision to withdraw from the fight with Paul, a video has resurfaced on Twitter showing part of Tommy’s training regime featuring his older brother Tyson Fury.

The Gypsy King was seen firing a medicine ball into the chest and ribs of his younger brother over and over in order to strengthen his midriff.

This, in itself, is not rare or different as far as boxing training goes. Boxers often attempt to prepare for sharp body shots that they’re expecting to endure in their eventual fight, but, given the injury to Fury, there is a logical link between this action and the reason behind him withdrawing from the fight.

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As mentioned above, the break and many fractures could be put down to the force used by Tyson at a very awkward and odd angle towards the ribs.

Tyson obviously had very good intentions preparing his brother for the long-awaited fight, but the video now makes for rather awkward viewing.



Due to this injury, Jake Paul will now face Tyron Woodley on December 18, but Tommy Fury is desperate to rearrange this fight for a future date.

Jake, however, is yet to come out and support the idea of a new date and is preparing for his rematch with the former UFC champion.

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