WWE NXT 2.0 results: Johnny Gargano cuts emotional promo with future uncertain


Grayson Waller pulled the plug on Johnny Gargano‘s emotional speech to the WWE NXT Universe with a vicious surprise attack.

Plus, Santos Escobar and La Familia pulled one over on Xyon Quinn, Von Wagner decimated Kyle O’Reilly following their Steel Cage Match and challenges were made to Bron Breakker and Duke Hudson in an explosive episode of NXT 2.0.

Von Wagner def. Kyle O’Reilly – Steel Cage Match

An enraged Kyle O’Reilly went straight after Von Wagner, pummeling his former tag team partner during his entrance. Any inkling of friendship was long gone as the two Superstars tore each other apart inside the cage.

The veteran O’Reilly held his own against the much larger opponent with a knee off the top rope, but Wagner stooped to using a savage low blow.

After earning the win with a twisting double underhook suplex, Wagner began to exit the structure before turning his sights back to O’Reilly. Wagner strung up O’Reilly in the ropes and repeatedly slammed the cage door shut on his face until the officials finally brought an end to the carnage.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen def. The Creed Brothers

With tag teams GYV and Imperium watching, Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen looked to slow down the steamrolling Creed Brothers.

Briggs & Jensen caught Brutus Creed with some heavy right hands and a splash, but the brothers took the hits and came back twice as strong, pummeling Jensen.

Jensen finally created some space to tag in his partner, but Briggs could not make a legal tag as GYV had cut off the tag rope from the turnbuckle. As Briggs argued with GYV on the apron, the sneaky tactics backfired when Jensen bounced Brutus Creed off the ropes (and the back of Briggs) for a quick rollup victory.

Josh Briggs WWE NXT

Dexter Lumis def. NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes via disqualification

Looking to dish out some payback for injuring his hand, Dexter Lumis showed Carmelo Hayes he was all healed up by delivering some thunderous right hands.

Lumis took advantage of a damaged Hayes, who still wore the scars from his WarGames match just 48 hours ago, all while keeping his eyes on Trick Williams at ringside. The NXT North American Champion battled through the pain and dished out his own by targeting Lumis’ taped hand.

As Lumis locked in the Silencer, Williams slapped him across the face to force the disqualification.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne def. Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz took advantage of the war-torn NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne, who were still feeling the effects of their brutal WarGames Match.

Feroz & Leon kept their foot on the gas to keep the champions down, but in their haste, they did not notice a quick tag. And as Feroz went for a rollup, Jayne flew in for a neckbreaker and a vicious spinning kick to earn the 1-2-3 for Toxic Attraction.

Toxic Attraction WWE NXT

Santos Escobar def. Xyon Quinn

La Familia’s business was settled thanks to a little help from Elektra Lopez, who gave Santos Escobar the win over a very game Xyon Quinn.

It was all Quinn at the onset as he hammered a surprised Escobar, whose massive running knee only seemed to further anger Quinn. The Emperor slowed down Quinn by tossing him into the steel steps before delivering many more knees.

With Quinn on the mat reeling after a monstrous hurricanrana off the top rope, La Madrina slid a pair of brass knuckles onto his hand. Once he realized what happened, a confused Quinn threw the foreign object at Joaquin Wilde.

In doing so, however, Quinn took his eyes off Escobar, who capitalized on the distraction with a Phantom Driver for the victory.

Grayson Waller brutalized Johnny Gargano as he delivered a heartfelt message

Following his recent loss at NXT WarGames, Johnny Gargano took to the ring to tell the NXT Universe what has been on his mind.

As he thanked everyone, proclaimed his love for NXT and explained how excited he was to begin his next journey as a father, Grayson Waller appeared and blasted him with a steel chair. Not done there, Waller put Gargano’s head through the chair and rammed him throat-first into the steps before powerbombing him through a table, callously mocking Gargano and the NXT Universe as NXT 2.0 concluded.

Johnny Gargano WWE NXT

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