Tyson Fury: WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre wants a No DQ match with the Gyspy King

Drew McIntyre has stated he wants a match with Tyson Fury

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has made laid out a challenge for the ‘Gyspy King’ Tyson Fury, a No DQ match in a WWE ring.

Fury has not been in action for WWE in quite some time, following his successful short run with Braun Strowman, but a return for the boxing heavyweight champion has been on the cards since.

The Gypsy King himself is reportedly still in contact with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on a fairly regular basis, and no doubt the company would love to bring the mainstream megastar back to their programming as soon as is possible.

Speaking to The Metro, McIntyre would reveal that he wants a No DQ bout with the boxing great, saying that it would be the most intriguing for the fans.

“No DQ. Just based on his limitations and physical attributes, I think that would be the most entertaining match for everybody. In that environment, we could get away with a lot more. It would be a good first match – I mean, he’s had one, but a good, proper first match that people go, ‘That was a good match.’ And it’d be very entertaining for the fans, if that was the stipulation.”

McIntyre would also explain why he’d put the boxing champion in that scenario, saying that it would towards his positives as a performer:

“I know he’s not gonna be doings 450s, intricate move sequences. But it’s my job as somebody who’s been around for 20 years to look at the situation logically, figure out the best way to approach my match with his athletic abilities – and entertainment – that he brings to his world and our world.”

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