Goalkeepers in the 1980s: A video of keepers just hoofing the ball goes viral

Viral compilation of goalkeepers hoofing the ball forward in the 1980s looks bizarre today

Over the years, it has increasingly become expected that top goalkeepers should be almost as comfortable with the ball at their feet as they are with it in their hands.

Playing the ball out from the back is now the accepted norm for many of Europe’s elite sides, a tactic that, naturally, starts with the man in between the posts. 

As a result, simply being a high-level shot-stopper is rarely sufficient for coaches when seeking a long-term goalkeeper.

Pep Guardiola was one of the first bosses to insist upon including a keeper with strong ball-playing credentials in his line-ups, beginning during his time as Barcelona head coach. A keen advocate of the tiki-taka style, Pep demanded that his number one be perfectly at home with stroking the ball around on the deck.

That mantra continued when he arrived at Manchester City in July 2016, pretty much instantly freezing out then first-choice England keeper Joe Hart over his perceived lack of ability with his feet. 

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It’s fair to say, then, that the Spaniard wouldn’t be too impressed by a recent viral video showing goalkeepers in England during the 1980s hoofing the ball as far away from goal as possible.



In fact, if Ederson was to attempt similar for Manchester City, he’d likely be immediately hauled off. These guys leathering the ball forward in seemingly aimless fashion is pretty much as far from tiki-taka as you’ll find!

You can check out the compilation in question below.

Watch: Video of goalkeepers in the 1980s just booting the ball forward

While the above compilation is unlikely to earn many plaudits among the modern-day coaching community, fans on Twitter were quick to point out the positives to goalkeepers clearing their lines in such a brutally straightforward fashion. 

“If it’s not near your goal, they can’t score,” declared a first response.

“Opposition won’t score if it’s in the other half…None of this playing out with two centre-halves in your six-yard box,” agreed a second.

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“There’s probably only a handful of teams in the world good enough to play out from the back, the rest should just boot it,” suggested a further comment. 

“How to counter the ‘counter press’ – boot it over the top of them,” stated another fan of the tactic, while a final user admitted: “I could watch this all day.”

It’s not a scene we’re likely to witness on Match Of The Day at the weekend, but this blast from the past certainly has its fair share of admirers.

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