Khabib, Jones, GSP, Silva: UFC fan rubbishes Nurmagomedov GOAT claims


GOATs in sport.

Every man, woman and child has their viewpoint on the matter, often widely divisive.

In UFC, the common consensus is there is only one name to fit the bill; Khabib Nurmagomedov.

With an unblemished 13-0 card in the Octagon, superstition holds no barriers for the The Eagle, retaining the record as the longest-reigning champion in lightweight history.

Having beaten all three of Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier – the latter, who faces Charles Oliveira at UFC 269 this weekend – Khabib’s fallen foes are far from soft touches either.

However, one fan has a differing view on the matter.

Though Khabib has in total a 29-0-0 MMA record, just 13 of his fights have taken place under the UFC umbrella. 


In contrast, three other men in UFC history have had not only more bouts, but the same or a greater amount of title matches as the Russian.

As Twitter user @AyyItsPauli was at pains to point out, the trio of wannabe GOATs Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, have all had more or the same number of championship fights than Khabib has had of total bouts.

Posting on social media to over 5k likes, Pauli also used the further examples of Jose Aldo and Demetrious Johnson as having had more than 10 title shots a piece, finishing with a withering put-down of Khabib.

“But folks have the audacity to call him the goat,” he said. “With a straight face too. Levels to this s***, plain & simple.”


His opinion will cause ire in many quarters, however, the point holds merit given the fact the undefeated Khabib’s UFC tenure was somewhat staggered over an eight-year period.

Though competitors in different weight classes, in the case of Jones in particular, Bones has had the most UFC title fights in history with 16 contests, and has often boasted that he is the real GOAT.

Jones has also in the past previously smack-talked his opposite number on social media, only to remove his comments.

In contrast, though he has obviously been victorious in every one, Khabib has only had four title fights.



Few if any were as ruthless and ferocious as Khabib was during his time in UFC, but after electing to hang up his gloves, when arguably at his peak last year following the death of his trainer and mentor father, we will never know just how high The Eagle could have soared.

Khabib will for many be unsurpassed in the Octagon as long as UFC exists, but one fan may have given many others food for thought.

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